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BU’s Push to Start looks to utilize vast network, experience to promote ideas

(From left to right: Joe Ferme, Richa Kaul, Jamie Ellis, Josh Mosby) PHOTO COURTESY OF BU PUSH TO START
(From left to right: Joe Ferme, Richa Kaul, Jamie Ellis, Josh Mosby) PHOTO COURTESY OF BU PUSH TO START

The Boston University Student Government campaign slate BU’s Push To Start will focus on bringing inclusivity and continuity to student government.

“What we are aiming to do is make a more inclusive student government,” said Richa Kaul, the candidate for president. “The way that we are planning on doing that is by listening to everyone else’s’ voices and hear them out and accomplish the changes that they voice.”

Kaul, a College of Arts and Sciences sophomore, as well as CAS junior Joe Ferme, College of Communication junior Jamie Ellis and CAS freshman Josh Mosby make up BU’s Push to Start.

The main factor that distinguishes BU’s Push To Start from competing slate TrueBU is its prior experience in student organizations across campus, Kaul said.

“We have real experience in getting big changes done across campus, changes of the caliber that we are promising right now,” Kaul said. “I am current vice president, Josh is currently on executive staff and Jamie is currently director of events.”

Ferme, the slate’s candidate for executive vice president, said the slate has already taken steps toward creating a more inclusive student government.

“We’ve already reached out to student groups,” Ferme said. “We’ve listened to student opinions, and we’ve inputted those ideas into our platform already. After the election is over, if we win, we want to go back to those student groups and try to take their ideas and work with them because our platform is really the students’ platform.”

Mosby, who is running for vice president of finance, said one of the campaign’s main goals is to create transparency in the cost of tuition and within student government.

“We are going to try to work with administration and try to figure out where money is really going and see what we can do to make it more visible to the students,” Mosby said.

Mosby said he hopes BU’s Push To Start will be able to make student government a truly legitimate and representative group that people can turn to for help.

“The ultimate mission is definitely inclusivity and bringing more people together and making student government legitimate and not necessarily just another student group — which is how a lot of people see it — but really a representative body that people can go to,” Mosby said.

Ellis, the slate’s candidate for vice president of internal affairs, said their platform features long-term and short-term goals. One of their long-term goals is to create a database of cabinet directors and talent that will be accessible for everyone at the university.

“Our platform definitely includes easy initiatives that we feel confident we can accomplish immediately during our term, but we also are trying to implement programs and different ways to keep those goals alive within student government year to year even after we are done,” Ellis said.

“A really good example of this is that we are trying to design a system for cabinet directors to pass along their experiences and their work.”

Ferme said BU has given him countless opportunities and now he wants to be able to give back to the BU community.

“BU has given me so many opportunities and I really just want to try to give back even half as much as it has given to me,” he said. “Being able to represent the students and listen to them and try and make changes that they want to see is just going to be so special to me.”

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