The Daily Free Press (ISSN 1094-7337), the independent student newspaper at Boston University, is published Monday through Thursday during the academic year except during vacation and exam periods by Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc., a nonprofit Massachusetts corporation operated by Boston University students. The paper was founded May 5, 1970 by BU students.

The Daily Free Press is distributed free at more than 50 sites on Boston University’s Charles River Campus. Those not close to Boston University can purchase subscriptions, which are mailed weekly to addresses within the continental United States. Please email office@dailyfreepress.com or call (617) 236-4433 for more information.

The Daily Free Press Online (ISSN 1094-5962) has been publishing on the same days as the print edition since January 1996 at http://www.dailyfreepress.com.

Print Readership Information

As of September 2011, circulation for publishing days of The Daily Free Press will be 5,000 issues per day Monday through Thursday.

Many commuting students, faculty and staff take copies home to spouses and other family members each day.

Online Readership Information

  • Approximately 125,000 monthly user sessions
  • Approximately 325,000 monthly impressions

Editorial Staff: Fall 2014

Kyle Plantz – Editor-in-Chief (editor@dailyfreepress.com)
Felicia Gans – Managing Editor  (editor@dailyfreepress.com)

Mina Corpuz – Campus Editor  (news@dailyfreepress.com
Stephanie Pagones – City Editor (city@dailyfreepress.com)
Taryn Ottaunick – Editorial Page Editor (letters@dailyfreepress.com)
Conor Ryan – Sports Editor  (sports@dailyfreepress.com)
Emily Zaboski – Photo Editor  (photo@dailyfreepress.com)
Clinton Nguyen – Multimedia Editor (OnlineDFP@gmail.com)
Hannah Landers – Features Editor (features@dailyfreepress.com)

Business Staff: Fall 2014

Advertising Department   (ads@dailyfreepress.com)
Shakti Rovner – Office Manager   (office@dailyfreepress.com)
Sarah D’Arienzo – Webmaster (office@dailyfreepress.com)

Board of Directors of Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc. (board@dailyfreepress.com)