Board of Directors

The Daily Free Press is governed by Back Bay Publishing Co., Inc., a Massachusetts 501(c) not-for-profit organization. BBPC’s Board of Directors  is made up of former Daily Free Press editors and is responsible for the publishing and general business management of the paper, as well as the appointment and oversight of the editorial board. The seat of president is filled by each semester’s editor-in-chief; all other positions are appointed via vote when members graduate or on an ad-hoc basis.

The board may be reached at

Executive Board

Tyler Lay — Chairman (Managing Editor Spring 2013)
Felicia Gans — President (Editor-in-Chief Spring 2015)
Emily Overholt — Vice Chair and Legal (Editor-in-Chief Spring 2013)
Sarah Kirkpatrick — Secretary and Awards (Editor-in-Chief Spring 2014)

Board Members

Alice Bazerghi — Chair, Advertising (City Editor Spring 2014)
Jasper Craven — Chair, Fundraising (City Editor Spring 2013)
Sarah Fisher — Chair, Web (Photo Editor Fall 2013)
Heather Goldin — Chair, Readership and Recruitment (Multimedia Editor Spring 2014)
Chris Lisinski — Chair, Alumni Relations (Editor-in-Chief Fall 2013)
Rachel Riley — Chair, College of Communication Liaison (Campus Editor Spring 2014)