After nearly two years and $82 million in renovation, the Government Center transit station is set to reopen March 26. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Government Center Station to reopen March 26

Scheduled to resume service March 26, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority plans to reopen Government Center Station after two years of renovation. It will include updated features such as new elevators, stairs and escalators, as well as reconstruction to trains and platforms, according to MBTA spokesperson Jason Johnson. Frank DePaola, general manager of the MBTA, said in a statement that […]

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The BU Task Force on General Education held a town hall meeting  Monday in the Warren Towers Multipurpose Room to discuss the new university-wide General Education Program. PHOTO BY SAVANAH MACDONALD/DAILY FREE PRESS CONTRIBUTOR

Meeting highlights students’ concern on General Education Program

Student attendees and members of the Boston University Task Force on General Education expressed differing opinions during a gathering Thursday evening for a town-hall style meeting to discuss the currently developed General Education Program. Approximately 15 students attended the meeting in the Warren Towers Multipurpose Room to voice their concerns toward the program. The program will provide a set of […]

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Frisky February: 29 Days of Stimulation” hosted by BU Student Health Services will host eight sex-related events throughout the month of February to celebrate National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month. ILLUSTRATION BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

BU highlights sex and relationship health with “29 days of stimulation”

Boston University is dedicating the month of February to highlight open discussions about sexual health on campus. The Center for Disease Control designates February as the National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month, and beginning Monday, BU’s Student Health Services hosted the second annual Frisky February. Jolion McGreevy, an instructor at the BU School of Medicine, spoke Monday at […]

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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker announced a Complete Streets Funding Program that allocates $12.5 million to state initiatives that make streets safer for all modes of transportation. ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Gov. Charlie Baker launches Complete Streets Funding Program

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced Monday the launch of a $12.5-million program aimed at making the streets of the commonwealth safer. The program is called the Complete Streets Funding Program and will focus on helping cities and towns around the commonwealth make their street networks safer for all users. The $12.5 million will be […]

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A timeline shows the suspension status of fraternities at BU between March 2013 and December 2015. GRAPHIC BY ALEENA QAZI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Two fraternities suspended, under investigation due to misconduct

Boston University withdrew its recognition of the university’s chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha Dec. 9, 2015 for violation of the university’s “student organization policies,” according to PIKE International Fraternity spokesperson Brent Phillips. The university is also currently investigating the Lambda Chi Alpha’s BU chapter following the BU Interfraternity Council’s suspension, Assistant Dean of Students John Battaglino said. Administration is working […]

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Recipients of microgrants from the Santander Universities program meet in the Howard Thurman Center Wednesday evening to share their progress on grant-funded projects. PHOTO BY NICKI GITTER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Santander-BU program provides students grants to uplift community

The first Santander-Boston University Urban Impact Program grant recipients gathered Wednesday and presented their projects’ initiatives with the BU community and Santander Bank representatives at the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground. The 11 recipient teams, each comprised of BU students, have received a total of $11,000 to improve the Boston area through civic projects. Approximately 25 members of Santander […]

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Friday morning, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s lawyers began the appeal process to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit to overturn his conviction and death sentence. PHOTO BY BRIAN SONG/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appeal conviction to First Circuit

Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev officially appealed Friday morning to the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit, according to Susan Goldberg, the circuit executive for the First Circuit Court of Appeals. Tsarnaev was sentenced to death after he was found guilty on 30 counts for the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, which killed three and injured more than 260, […]

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Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren released “Rigged Justice: 2016: How Weak Enforcement Lets Corporate Offenders Off Easy” Wednesday, which argues that law enforcement is soft on corporate crimes. ILLUSTRATION BY NICOLAS TEPPER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Sen. Elizabeth Warren releases report criticizing criminal justice system

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a thirteen-page report Friday, entitled “Rigged Justice: How Weak Enforcement Lets Corporate Offenders Off Easy,” which argues against weak law enforcement for corporate crime. The report details 20 cases in 2015 where federal agencies failed to properly punish corporate offenders. Relaxed law enforcement, especially toward white-collar crime, enforces the idea to corporate offenders that they […]

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A Friday report released by The Federal Reserve Bank of New York indicates a decrease in unemployment of recent college grads between September 2014 and September 2015. ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Recent graduates’ unemployment rate decline sets “positive attitude”

The unemployment rate for recent U.S. college graduates between 22 and 27 years old has fallen from 5.3 percent in September 2014 to 4.9 percent in September 2015, according to a Friday report by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. In a one-year period from September 2014 to September 2015, college graduate unemployment rates dropped from 3.4 percent to 2.8 […]

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The Massachusetts Senate approved a new bill Thursday that set new goals regarding statewide greenhouse gas emissions. ILLUSTRATION BY BRIGID KING/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Massachusetts Senate passes greenhouse gas emissions bill

The Massachusetts Senate passed a bill Jan. 28 that will help Massachusetts reach its greenhouse gas emissions goals as set by the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2008. The bill sets a target of between 35 and 45 percent below the 1990 emissions level by 2030, and another target of between 55 and 65 percent below the 1990 emissions level […]

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