Two BU professors receive $1 million grants for hands-on research

Two Boston University professors were awarded Howard Hughes Medical Institute Professorships Monday, garnering HHMI’s five-year, $1 million grants for the first time in BU’s history. Professorship recipient David Marchant heads BU’s Antarctic Research Group, which focuses not only on research in the field but education and outreach as well. Marchant, a professor of earth & environment in the College of […]

Increases on federal loan interest rates take effect Tuesday

Effective Tuesday, college students taking out loans for the 2014-2015 school year will see an interest rate increase for federal Stafford loans, PLUS loans and some graduate loans. The interest on an undergraduate Stafford loan will be raised from 3.66 percent to 4.66 percent. The graduate loans affected will now have 6.21 percent interest rates, up from last year’s 5.41 […]

HarvardX online courses to include faculty seminars

Seeking to expand educational opportunities to Boston residents, the Harvard Allston Education Portal announced Monday plans to enhance an online coursework program with in-person faculty lectures and discussions. Through the Ed Portal, which opened in June 2008, Harvard University has partnered with the Allston-Brighton community to increase access to educational resources for all residents of the neighborhood. The group has forged in-person […]

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SED Dean Hardin Coleman to bring experience to Boston School Committee

School of Education Dean Hardin Coleman has been appointed to the Boston School Committee, a position he said he is excited for given his knowledge of and experience with successful schools. Coleman joins the Committee as its seventh member, replacing John Barros, who stepped down in April, according to a Thursday press release. Coleman will remain SED dean while on […]

BU to offer MOOCs after joining online course platform edX

Boston University will join online course platform edX to create increased flexible learning options for students both on and off campus, according to a Tuesday press release. “This is a very deliberate approach to looking at how BU can best be involved in creating and participating in the hybrid model and developing hybrid courses and courses specifically for online consumption […]

Student success linked to motivation, study suggests

While many factors contribute to a student’s capacity for accomplishment, naturally motivated students from higher socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to succeed, according to a new study. Stacey Doan, a Boston University psychology professor, said her most successful students have had genuine interest in the topic they are studying, self-discipline and an enduring educational curiosity. “People generally think that IQ […]

Profs. say say education, media could combat Islamic stereotypes

In light of news that the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings were from predominantly Islamic Chechnya, students and professors at Boston University said U.S. citizens should not create harmful generalizations about the Muslim community and violence. “Violence doesn’t necessarily belong to Muslim extremism any more than it belongs to any other form of extreme behavior,” said College of Fine […]

AP courses not indicative of collegiate success, study suggests

While there might be a correlation between the amount of Advanced Placement courses a student takes and his or her academic success in college, a student’s AP experience should not be the basis for college admittance, according to a new study. Michael Grant, a Boston University psychology professor, said if a student is sharp enough to take AP courses in […]

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Profs. find freshmen unprepared for workload, study suggests

Freshmen entering schools such as Boston University may not be as prepared for college as their high school teachers believe, according to a new study by ACT officials. The study’s results indicate a discrepancy between the opinions of college professors and high school teachers regarding students’ preparedness to take college courses, said ACT Director of Public Relations Edward Colby. “The […]

Obama’s proposed federal budget slightly increases financial aid

Changes contained in U.S. President Barack Obama’s  proposed 2014 fiscal year budget released April 10 could have a wide range of effects on students at colleges such as Boston University, particularly due to the way the budget addresses financial aid and student loan interest rates, officials said. Bart Lipman, an economics professor at BU, said it is important for Congress […]