Sunday, April 20, 2014
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AP courses not indicative of collegiate success, study suggests

While there might be a correlation between the amount of Advanced Placement courses a student takes and his or her academic success in college, a student’s AP experience should not be the basis for college admittance, according to a new study. Michael Grant, a Boston University psychology professor, said if a student is sharp enough […]

Profs. find freshmen unprepared for workload, study suggests

Freshmen entering schools such as Boston University may not be as prepared for college as their high school teachers believe, according to a new study by ACT officials. The study’s results indicate a discrepancy between the opinions of college professors and high school teachers regarding students’ preparedness to take college courses, said ACT Director of […]

Obama’s proposed federal budget slightly increases financial aid

Changes contained in U.S. President Barack Obama’s  proposed 2014 fiscal year budget released April 10 could have a wide range of effects on students at colleges such as Boston University, particularly due to the way the budget addresses financial aid and student loan interest rates, officials said. Bart Lipman, an economics professor at BU, said […]

Employers prefer thinking, other skills to major, study suggests

Many employers believe a candidate’s critical thinking and communication skills are more important than the major field of study that he or she pursued as an undergraduate at colleges such as Boston University, according to a study released Wednesday. Karen Kang, a corporate and personal branding expert who completed a College of Communication graduate degree […]

Digital essay grading not in BU’s immediate future

Massive open online course platform edX may change the nature of grading at colleges such as Boston University through a new digital essay-grading system that eliminates the time taken by traditional essay grading, officials said. Jack Ammerman, university librarian and member of BU’s Council on Educational Technology and Learning Innovation, said while it is possible […]