Friday, August 1, 2014
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BU contrasts Boston College’s condom program halt

Among ongoing controversy at Boston College over administrators shutting down a condom distribution program, Boston University officials said such programs are important educational tools at BU. “I would say we are a different institution and I don’t want to speak about Boston College — they can speak for themselves,” said BU spokesman Colin Riley. “Under […]

Higher education may not help bridge gender wage gap, study suggests

Higher paying jobs boast larger gender pay gaps than less profitable jobs, even among professionals with post-secondary degrees from colleges such as Boston University, according to a NerdScholar study published March 26. “I wouldn’t say higher education is not successfully closing the gap, but rather that in spite of a higher education, the pay gap […]

Study shows parents prioritize finances, career building in college choice

Parents of college-bound students tend to prioritize financial issues and career-building potential above all else during the process of choosing a university, according to an Inside Higher Education survey. Ashley Mears, Boston University professor of sociology, said it is unsurprising that parents consider finances a top priority, as they are most often responsible for the […]

BU council to host seminars on MOOCs, ed. tech.

To further explore the role of technology in higher education, Boston University’s Council on Educational Technology and Learning Innovation will host several seminars in March and April, according to an email sent to students Wednesday. Associate Provost for Undergraduate Affairs and CETLI co-chair Elizabeth Loizeaux said officials would like for the seminars to involve more […]

Dept. of Education recommends competency-based aid in letter

Students enrolled in competency-based programs — as opposed to traditional time-based programs — at colleges such as Boston University might now be eligible for financial aid, according to a letter from the U.S. Department of Education issued Tuesday. Heather Jarvis, a student loan expert who spoke about student debt relief at the School of Law in […]