Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Double majoring improves thinking, new study suggests

While a new study reports students who pursue double-major degrees are more likely to develop integrative thinking skills than students who do not, BU officials said not all students benefit from double majoring. College of Arts and Sciences Associate Dean for Student Academic Life Steven Jarvi said pursuing a double major is only worthwhile if […]

Colleges not drawing low-income, high-achieving students

Despite having appropriate grades to do so, many low-income, high-achieving students do not apply to selective colleges or universities for financial reasons, a recent analysis of every high school student who took the SAT found. Boston University economics professor Andrew Newman said underprivileged students often do not apply because they are unaware of certain selective […]

IBM officials partner with Boston, BU to grow ‘smarter city’

Boston University officials are partnering with executives from IBM and the city of Boston to promote better technologies for urban energy efficiency. Officials hosted a series of panels on Wednesday titled “Smarter Cities: A Roadmap for the Future” at the BU Photonics Center, focusing on how technology is helping cities run more efficiently. “The purpose […]

Moody’s finds gap between college savings and cost

College students have less money saved and are taking out more private student loans as a result, according to a study released Tuesday by Moody’s Investor Service. David Jacobson, a spokesman for Moody’s, said students across the country are statistically saving less before school. “There’s a gap between family’s savings and the cost of a […]

Pope Francis might address poverty issues, BU experts say

Although the Roman Catholic Church’s College of Cardinals elected the first Latin American pope in its history Wednesday, any reforms will be a result of his individual character and not of his origin, Boston University experts said. “Any changes he is likely to make will depend more on him as an individual than him being […]