Dean of Students announces online sexual assault education resource

The Boston University Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore announced Wednesday a self-guided online education session in an effort to establish a community-wide understanding of misconduct and better prepare the community to properly respond to sexual assault. The online session, titled “Stand Up, Speak Out: Addressing Sexual Misconduct at Boston University,” was announced in an email to the BU community, along […]

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Professor Barbara Gottfried speaks about masculinity at the “Mind the Gap: Masculinity and the Gender Divide” discussion held Tuesday evening in Metcalf Hall. PHOTO BY SOFIA FARENTINOS/DAILY FREE PRESS CONTRIBUTOR

Masculinity, gender inequality highlighted in “Mind the Gap” panel

Members of the Boston University community discussed the role of masculinity and efforts to end gender discrimination Tuesday with a panel of three during the “Mind the Gap: Masculinity and the Gender Divide” interactive talk. Ethan Sobel, director of Student Life at the BU Florence and Chafetz Hillel House, moderated the discussion for a crowd of approximately 25 students and […]

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The Chronicle of Higher Education announced Friday that BU was not one of the 160 private colleges to fail the  U.S. Department of Education’s 2013-14 financial responsibility test. PHOTO BY SARAH FISHER/DFP FILE PHOTO

BU passes financial responsibility test

One hundred sixty private higher education institutions have failed the U.S. Department of Education’s financial responsibility test, according to a Friday analysis conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Boston University passed the financial responsibility test and was awarded a perfect score of three, according to the DOE’s Financial Responsibility Composite Scores. The Chronicle analysis also stated that 94 out […]

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A study conducted by professors in the BU School of Medicine and School of Public Health found that universal background checks are one of the best ways to reduce gun deaths. ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Study argues three gun laws to reduce national firearm mortality rates

Universal background checks on firearm and ammunition purchases and the implementation of firearm identification would reduce national firearm mortality rates, according to a Thursday study by Lancet Global Heath. In the report titled “Firearm legislation and firearm mortality in the USA: a cross-sectional, state-level study,” researchers analyzed a dataset from Nov. 1, 2014 until May 15, 2015 of firearm-related deaths […]

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The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced a change in regulations Friday that will affect international students working toward degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics at U.S. colleges and universities. ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

New regulations allow international students longer STEM OPT

International students in pursuit of science, technology, engineering and mathematics degrees will have access to more job opportunities after graduation, following the United States Department of Homeland Security’s amended regulations, which were announced Friday. The new regulations would extend the Optional Training Program for 24 months from an initial number of 17 months for certain students pursuing a STEM degree […]

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College presidents increase awareness on pressing issues, survey finds

College presidents increase awareness on pressing issues, survey finds

The American Council on Education’s Center for Policy Research and Strategy found college presidents to have significantly increased on-campus awareness of discussions revolving racial diversity, according to a Tuesday survey. “Similar to demonstrations in the 1960s — perhaps the last time higher education has seen student activism at the current scale — students have targeted their messages toward campus leaders; […]

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Approximately 2,300 students stayed on campus this past week following a housing policy that allows residents to remain in their dorms over spring break. ILLUSTRATION BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Students opt to stay in dorm after spring break policy change

  Approximately 2,300 Boston University students took advantage of the available on-campus dormitories over spring break last week, said BU Housing Director Nishmin Kashyap. This was the second time all on-campus residences remained open this school year, following Thanksgiving break in the fall 2015 semester. Kashyap announced Feb. 12, 2015 in an email to the BU community that all dormitory-style […]

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Boston University is one of 218 colleges that signed the “American Campuses on Climate Pledge” Thursday. PHOTO BY RACHEL MCLEAN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

President Brown announces lowest tuition increase in 20 years

The overall tuition for the 2016-17 academic year will see an increase of 3.4 percent, Boston University President Robert Brown announced Friday in an email to the BU community. This is the lowest percentage in tuition increase BU has seen in 20 years, according to the email. The overall increase is a 3.7 percent rise in tuition and a 2.4 percent rise in room and board, set by the BU Board […]

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The Boston Medical Center plans to build a stem cell repository that is free and open to researchers across the country as a result of a grant from the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute. PHOTO BY KYRA LOUIE/DFP FILE PHOTO

Stabbing near Medical Campus under investigation, suspect arrested

The Boston Police Department reported that a male suspect stabbed a male party at 774 Albany St. Friday at 7:52 a.m. The suspect was arrested at the scene and the incident is now under investigation, said BPD spokesperson Lt. Michael McCarthy. McCarthy said the victim was stabbed with a “non-life-threatening injury” and said the victim was believed not to be affiliated with Boston University. The suspect was […]

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Massachusetts adjunct professors gather to vote about unionization at the National Labor Relations Board in Boston. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DFP FILE PHOTO

Full-time, salaried BU lecturers and instructors file union election

  Full-time and salaried lecturers and instructors at Boston University filed a petition Friday to join Faculty Forward, a sector of the Service Employee International Union Local 509. The petition, filed to the National Labor Relations Board, will allow the NLRB to process and assess paperwork for eligible BU faculty, hold an election and establish union representation, said Somy Kim, […]

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