More students are pursuing degrees after college, survey finds

Between fall 2014 and fall 2015, U.S. graduate schools saw a 3.9 percent increase of first-time graduate student enrollments, the biggest increase in five years, according to a Council of Graduate Schools report released Friday. The report, conducted by the council and the Graduate Record Examinations Board, was based on data from 617 colleges and universities across the nation. “We are […]

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BU to stop investments in select fossil fuels, trustees decide

Boston University will do its best to avoid investing in companies that extract coal and tar sands, President Robert Brown announced in a letter to the BU community Tuesday. The decision came after the BU Board of Trustees reviewed three proposals last week from the Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing proposals last week. In its first proposal, the committee […]

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Students walk through the GSU Link, a hotspot for clubs on campus. Last week, the BU's Allocations Board released its budget report for student groups, introducing a new process of giving money to groups called The Square. PHOTO BY KANKANIT WIRIYASAJJA/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Allocations Board announces funding decisions, student organizations express frustration

Sophia Roldan-Ferreira, the president of the Boston University Belly Dance Society, said her club cannot hire instructors this semester because the Allocations Board, an organization that is in charge of distributing a portion of student tuition to undergraduate student organizations, denied their request of $5,000 club funding. The Questrom School of Business junior said she does not understand why AB did […]

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U.S. college students don’t know enough about the world, report finds

U.S. college students don’t know enough about the world, report finds

Do you know which branch of the U.S. government has the constitutional authority to declare war? This is an example of a question asked to 1,203 surveyed U.S. college students in May. Researchers from the Council on Foreign Relations and National Geographic asked the students 10 randomly-generated questions, out of 75 possible, to gauge how much they know about the […]

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Person shot outside Allston nightclub

A person was shot in the head outside a Linden Street nightclub in Allston late Sunday night, officials said. The suspect is still at large, Boston Police said. The suspect is a black man wearing a black hoodie and green pants, according to BPD Superintendent Bernie O’Rourke. The victim is a black man in his 20s, Robert Ciccolo, a BPD captain, said at […]

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The Falun Gong Club holds an introductory seminar about the religion on Wednesday night. PHOTO BY BRITTANY CHANG/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Falun Gong group raises controversy, student concern

Boston University’s Falun Dafa Club originated from College of Engineering post-graduate student Taiyao Wang’s desire to bring light to the number of Falun Gong followers that were “tortured to death in jail and in labor camps” by the Chinese government. The practice of Falun Gong, a Chinese spiritual practice, gained more than 70 million followers in the late 1990s until […]

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Fossil fuel divestment at Boston University: a timeline

As the Boston University Board of Trustees meets this week, members of Divest BU expect the university to make a decision on the long-debated issue of fossil fuel divestment on campus. Divest BU, a coalition that pushes for divestment, organized a rally Wednesday afternoon to advocate for fossil fuel divestment. Rachel Eckles, a student organizer at Divest BU, said they originally planned […]

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Members of Divest BU gather in front of the BU Castle to protest the Board of Trustees’ investment in fossil fuels. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Group advocates for fossil fuel divestment ahead of trustee decision

Chanting “no more coal, no more oil, keep your carbon in the soil,” approximately 80 members of the Boston University community rallied on Marsh Plaza Wednesday afternoon, urging the university to divest funds from fossil fuels. Divest BU, a coalition that advocates for divestment movement on campus, organized the rally when they learned that the BU Board of Trustees might […]

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Campus Crime Logs: Sept. 8 – 11

Campus Crime Logs: Sept. 8 – 11

The following reports were taken from the Boston University Police Department from Sept. 8 to Sept. 11. Medical assist reported at 705 Comm Ave. Officers responded to report of a male student having a panic attack at 11:10 a.m. on Sept. 8 near 705 Commonwealth Ave. The student was transported to St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. Bicycle stolen from 52 Buswell […]

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The tracks where a BU student was struck and killed by an MBTA Commuter Rail train tracks sit behind Buick Street. PHOTO BY ERIN BILLINGS/ DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Freshman’s death raises questions on international student safety

As the Boston University community grieves the death of a 17-year-old BU student from China, many cannot help but wonder how the university can ensure the safety of its approximately 8,500 international students, many of whom are in the states for the first time when they start classes. Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Transit Police discovered a body on the tracks […]

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