Fiscal situation causes MBTA Late-Night Service cut

Fiscal situation causes MBTA Late-Night Service cut

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is canceling its Late-Night Service, MBTA spokesperson Jason Johnson said. At a Fiscal and Management Control Board meeting this afternoon, the board decided to officially cancel service, Johnson said. The board released a slideshow presentation regarding the Late-Night Service on its website. “Late-Night service inhibits the ability of the MBTA to meet its goals for maintaining its […]

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Boston Mayor Martin Walsh signed an executive order Wednesday to increase opportunities for businesses owned by women and minorities. PHOTO BY SAVANAH MACDONALD

Mayor Martin Walsh creates business opportunities for women and minorities

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh signed an executive order Wednesday to ensure equal opportunity for women- and minority-owned businesses, according to a Wednesday press release. According to the release, the order takes several steps to “address racial and economic disparities” in Boston. “This Executive Order sets spending goals for minority and women owned businesses competing for contracts in construction, architecture and […]

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The crowd marches around Downtown Boston. PHOTO BY BRIAN SONG/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Bostonians gather in support of Bernie Sanders

A crowd of nearly 1,000 people gathered at the Boston Common Saturday afternoon to support Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders before Tuesday’s presidential primary election in Massachusetts. Assembling on the steps facing the Massachusetts State House, the crowd listened to speakers before marching through the Financial District to Dewey Square. The rally, hosted by #Movement4Bernie and March For Bernie, was the most recent […]

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In a push for greater public safety, the Boston Police Department began implementing on Monday a new initiative to fingerprint all Boston taxi drivers. ILLUSTRATION BY MADI GOLDMAN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Boston Police Department to fingerprint taxicab drivers

The Boston Police Department announced Monday an initiative to fingerprint all licensed taxicab drivers in Boston, according to a Monday press release. The program, supervised by BPD’s Hackney Carriage Unit, is designed to improve safety and security for Boston’s citizens, the release stated. “This program is intended to ensure the highest standards of safety for the traveling public,” the release […]

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The North-South Rail Link project, a mile-long underground tunnel that would connect the two hubs, is being reexamined after an approximately 13-year hiatus. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Michael Dukakis and William Weld continue push for North-South Rail Link

Former Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis and former Massachusetts Gov. William Weld have been urging current Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker to move forward with a $2 million study for the North-South Rail Link, Dukakis said. The link would consist of an underground tunnel connecting the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s South Station to the MBTA’s North Station. Dukakis said the study would […]

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2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton opened six new campaign headquarters in Massachusetts on Saturday. PHOTO BY BETSEY GOLDWASSER/DAILY FREE PRESS

Hillary Clinton opens six new offices in Massachusetts

Hillary for Massachusetts, the 2016 presidential campaign for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, opened six organizing offices throughout the commonwealth Saturday. According to a Feb. 17 press release, Clinton’s campaign volunteers and supporters will utilize the new offices to talk to local voters before the March 1 Democratic primary. Hillary for Massachusetts’ offices opened offices in Boston, Springfield, Holyoke, […]

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In March, the Environmental Protection Agency will issue a stormwater general permit aimed at lowering the level of pollutants in the bodies of water within the commonwealth. PHOTO BY PAIGE TWOMBLY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

EPA issues permit to clean up Massachusetts lakes and rivers

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will issue a stormwater general permit applicable to all cities and towns in Massachusetts in March to control pollutants entering bodies of water within the commonwealth, according to EPA spokesperson Dave Deegan.   This permit will require each Massachusetts community to develop a plan to control the amount of pollutants that enter the town’s storm […]

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Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced a partnership Monday with Cambridge technology firm, Green River, in an effort to combat homelessness. ILLUSTRATION BY SARAH SILBIGER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Mayor Martin Walsh partners with Green River to combat homelessness

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced Friday a partnership to develop a program that will tackle Boston’s chronic homelessness situation head-on, according to a Friday press release. According to the release, the City of Boston is partnering with Green River, a Cambridge software company, to create the program, Coordinated Access System. CAS will allow shelters, housing companies and emergency facilities to […]

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Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced a contest Friday that allows designers to pitch their proposals to improve public city spaces. PHOTO BY ABIGAIL FREEMAN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

City design competition rethinks public spaces

The City of Boston has launched a second Public Space Invitational design competition to revitalize space and engage members of the creative community, Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced at a Friday press conference. The first competition took place in 2014 and resulted in nine winning projects built throughout Boston, according to a Friday press release. Among the projects were a […]

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