Friday, April 18, 2014
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New delayed-start loan repayment plan may help grads.

Financial service provider Sallie Mae is introducing a student loan repayment plan that allows students of good standing at colleges such as Boston University to push back their loans an additional year following the normal six-month grace period after graduation, officials said. Randall Ellis, a BU economics professor, said while loan flexibility already exists for […]

SMG to host revamped tech. competition

Reimagined from the former International Technology Strategy Case Competition, 2013’s Grand Business Challenge in Digital Health hosted by Boston University School of Management beginning Thursday will change the way the world sees technology and healthcare integration, BU officials said. With sponsorship switching from Ericsson telecommunication to the Merck healthcare company, the competition has become more […]

Moody’s finds gap between college savings and cost

College students have less money saved and are taking out more private student loans as a result, according to a study released Tuesday by Moody’s Investor Service. David Jacobson, a spokesman for Moody’s, said students across the country are statistically saving less before school. “There’s a gap between family’s savings and the cost of a […]

College students struggle with financial literacy, study suggests

College students slammed with credit card debt must learn how to properly deal with their finances before debts and poor financial habits begin affecting their futures, according to a study released Wednesday. “The banks recognize that there is a freshman clientele on campus,” said Daryl Graves, a College of Arts and Sciences undergraduate academic administrator. […]

BU faces cuts to research funding, financial aid as result of sequester

Officials at Boston University are bracing for impending cuts to research funding and financial aid after U.S. President Barack Obama signed the Budget Control Act of 2011 into law Friday as part of Congress’s failure to agree on a deal avoiding the sequester. “The faculty has been more cautious with their spending,” said Jennifer Grodsky, […]