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Unemployment, loan debt make graduate degrees less appealing to some

With unemployment still unsteady and student loan debt at its highest ever, students are questioning whether graduate school is a benefit or a burden. Rebekah Alexander, Boston University Graduate School of Arts and Sciences assistant director of admissions and financial aid, said despite the cost and job market difficulties, a number of students find graduate school necessary. “More and more […]

Oct. job numbers not good enough, experts, critics say

The latest U.S. job numbers released on Friday suggest relatively little change compared to the unemployment rate of September, which experts said will likely play into the presidential candidates’ campaign strategies just days before the election. The nation’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate for October remained relatively unchanged at 7.9 percent as the nation gained 171,000 jobs from nonfarm payroll employment, […]

BU community weighs in on growing increase in loan debt

Robert Lee, a College of Arts and Sciences freshman, said his student loans and financial aid from Boston University are important, especially as he is one of three students in his family with student loan debt. “It was helpful, substantially,” Lee said. “It fulfills most of my tuition payment.” Average student loan debt in the United States increased from 2007 […]

BU spends $70 million on summer construction projects, renovations

BU spends $70 million on summer construction projects, renovations

Boston University spent about $70 million this summer in new construction and campus renovations, university officials said. The $70 million summer budget, spread across campus on a variety of construction projects and renovations, is only a small portion of the recent building budget. “BU has built [more than] two billion dollars worth of new construction over the past 20 years,” […]

Judge extends Occupy’s temporary restraining order against city

A judge extended Occupy Boston protesters’ restraining order against the city of Boston until Dec. 15, giving the court time to determine whether or not the city will be given permission to evict protesters from their encampment in Dewey Square. In a hearing that lasted nearly four hours, Judge Frances A. McIntyre of Suffolk County Superior Court heard opposing testimony […]

Study reports income inequality a growing trend in Boston

Income inequality has increased in Boston over the past 20 years despite the fact that the poverty rate has remained stable, according to a recent study by the Boston Indicators Project. The study, sponsored by The Boston Foundation, the City of Boston and the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, was released last Wednesday as part of a decade-long project for the […]

Fee free: Occupy demonstrators encourage opening credit union accounts

Fee free: Occupy demonstrators encourage opening credit union accounts

Ida Keir persuaded her daughter to switch from a “corporate bank” to a credit union in honor of national Bank Transfer Day on Saturday to protest corporate greed. “I’m here because I wanted to support [the protesters],” said demonstrator Ida Keir, who has kept her money away from “big banks” for many years, even after moving from New Hampshire to […]

Students say Obama’s loan proposal has potential to alleviate debt

When Graduate School of Arts and Sciences student Sabrina Klein heard about President Barack Obama’s proposal to reduce student debt, she said it would help her offset the cost of college education. “I like the idea. I’m a grad student now, so when I’m all said and done, I should have close to a quarter of a million dollars in […]

BU students express frustration over new Bank of America annual charges

Melissa Lam is thinking about switching bank accounts after hearing that Bank of America will start charging customers $60 annually for having an active debit account. “College students are broke,” Lam, a Boston University School of Education sophomore, said while in line at a Bank of America ATM machine. She added that it would make more sense for students to […]

Mass. to increase benefits for unemployed residents

The Massachusetts’ Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development announced on Monday that it would increase the maximum weekly benefit rate to $653 from $625 for unemployed residents. Unemployment claims filed on or after Oct. 2 of this year are applicable for the change in policy, under the state’s Department of Unemployment Assistance’s policy. The DUA provides Mass. residents with […]