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Rising costs of education stems from highly paid executives, study says

Out of 20 colleges in the Boston area, Boston University has the second highest total amount of money earned by employers in executive compensation packages, with BU five employees earning more than $1 million annually, according to a study released in late September. “The spiraling cost of education is the elephant in the room we don’t like to talk about,” […]

Central banks prevented serious financial crisis, speaker says

Philip Turner, head of Secretariat Group in the Monetary and Economic Department of the Bank for International Settlements, spoke about the notion of “international money” and the impact of the ongoing financial crisis in redefining the term in his “Conversations with Economists” lecture at the College of Arts and Sciences on Monday. “First, we have to understand that there is no […]

‘Up with the people, down with the banks’: Protesters rally against Bank of America’s foreclosure practices

‘Up with the people, down with the banks’: Protesters rally against Bank of America’s foreclosure practices

About 2,000 citizens and over 30 activist groups marched from Boston Common to Bank of America with Take Back Boston to protest corporate foreclosures, bailouts and tax breaks on Friday. Take Back Boston and Right to the City organized the rally and march, which began with speeches, chants and music at the Boston Common bandstand and paraded to the Hyatt […]

Hub ranked one of nation’s most finanically sound college towns

With advantages such as high-tech industry and human capital concentrations, Boston and Cambridge ranked fifth in the top 20 most economically vibrant college towns in America. The rankings, compiled by Atlantic magazine, were based on aspects such as per capita income, high-tech industry concentration, innovation, capital, percent of the workforce in the creative class and housing affordability. “The skilled workforce […]

Federal grant to improve low-income housing

Mayor Thomas Menino announced Friday that the federal Department of Housing and Urban Development granted $2.4 million to the Department of Neighborhood Development, targeting the Lead Safe Boston program. The grant will be distributed to different areas of the community with $2.3 million going toward fixing lead-based paint hazards in the city’s low- and moderate-income neighborhoods and 175 housing projects, […]

Increasing costs, slow economy complicate students’ financial aid

College of Fine Arts sophomore Savanna Young-Norris would not have joined the Class of 2014 at Matriculation had she not appealed for more financial aid three times. “I am the only child of a single, full-time student mother, and the first person on her side of the family to seek private education,” she said. “The only way I was going […]

Obama addresses state budget struggles

President Barack Obama warned governors on Monday against attempting to dilute his health care law, while emphasizing his openness to work with states in carrying out the law.

Mass. delegation resists new Obama tax plan

Despite President Barack Obama’s call for bipartisan agreement, no one in the all-Democratic Massachusetts House delegation has agreed to support the tax plan Obama forged with Republicans.

Former P.M. urges global response to economic crisis

Gordon Brown, the former prime minister of the United Kingdom, argued Thursday for a new global financial system to solve economic problems throughout the world and to prevent future dilemmas.

Farmer’s Market: Fruits, vegetables and fun

When Boston University students are asked to describe their campus, ears of corn, cartons of tomatoes and fresh-baked pies are not among the most anticipated answers. Despite the university’s association with being an “urban campus,” BU has made efforts to create a small-town feel by initiating a weekly farmer’s market in the George Sherman Union Plaza.