Holocaust survivors share experiences with students

College of Arts and Sciences senior Evelyn Liberman said that it wasn’t until she heard the stories of survivors at the Holocaust Survivors Conference on Sunday that she learned how unique each survivor’s experience is. “Listening to the stories of the survivors helped gave me a better understanding of what it really means to be a Holocaust survivor,” Liberman said. […]

Protesters flock to streets in opposition of Palestinian occupation

Protesters flock to streets in opposition of Palestinian occupation

  A congregation of about 40 people from the Jewish Women for Justice in Israel/Palestine joined together on Tuesday for Occupy Boston — Not Palestine to protest U.S. support of Israeli military presence in Palestine. The demonstration and march was hosted in part by Occupy Boston, whose campsite of ‘Occupods’ is inhabiting Dewey Square. The U.S. spends more than $8 […]

Students say Amanda Knox scandal does not affect decisions to study abroad

Boston University students said they had mixed feelings about the acquittal of Amanda Knox, who was charged with the murder of her roommate in Italy last week. “It is an intensely traumatic situation,” said College of Communication freshman Rachel Pearson. “But I think the media has blown it way out of proportion.” Knox was exonerated of the murder of her […]

Study Abroad encourages students to immerse themselves fully, officials say

College of Arts and Sciences junior Paulina Muratore said that her goal next summer is to study Arabic, just in time for her study abroad trip to Turkey next fall. “The university in the [Turkey] program is one of the best in Istanbul and the classes are very good … It might be hard to transition, but I’ve been to the […]

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Saudi Arabia making slow progress in womens’ rights, students say

After King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud of Saudi Arabia announced on Sunday that he would allow women to vote and run for municipal elections in the 2015 elections, Boston University community members said that while the decision marks a step forward for Saudi women, they are worried it does not indicate significant progress. “How can they vote when is […]

Piñera promotes positive image of Chile, new world government in speech

To prevent future global crises, the international community needs a reform of world governments, said Chilean President Sebastián Piñera at a lecture at the School of Management on Friday. Piñera, who addressed an audience of about 400 people, reflected on what he called the economic accomplishments of his nation and its plans for further development. “We need to have new […]

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Student groups, professors divided on Palestinian statehood proposal

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ plan to seek recognition for the Palestinian state in the United Nations on Friday has stirred opposing views from both Students for Justice in Palestine and Students for Israel at Boston University. “Israel and the United States really left Palestine no choice,” said Charles Dunbar, a BU professor of international relations. “But there will be a […]

Sept. 11 attacks ‘transformative’ for Millennial generation, panelist says

Sept. 11 attacks ‘transformative’ for Millennial generation, panelist says

From delving deeper into Afghanistan’s role in the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks to discussing the similarities and differences between Pearl Harbor and 9/11, panelists voiced their views on Monday evening at a lecture titled “America at War: America and the West in the Islamic World – Al Qaeda and the Origin of the 9/11 Attack.” The Boston University Political Science […]

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BU community laments victims of Norway attacks

Max Graff, a graduate student in the School of Management’s Norwegian Entrepreneurship Program, said he finds it “strange” to come home after a long day of school and work and find news reports about his home country, Norway. “I have mixed feelings about being here,” Gruff said. “Part of me wants to be here, but there’s so much that has […]

BU alumnus among missing NYT journalists in Libya

Four New York Times reporters covering the violence in Libya have gone missing, the Times reported on Wednesday on its website.