Students gather in Marsh Plaza for peace in Egypt

Students gather in Marsh Plaza for peace in Egypt

Boston University students gathered for an hour outside Marsh Chapel on Thursday night to pay homage to the recent protests in Egypt. The Candlelight Vigil for Peace drew more than 60 students eager to find hope in the face of stark challenges here and around the world. The Dean of Marsh Chapel, Rev. Robert Allan Hill, welcomed the students. “It […]

As Egypt protests gather strength, students, faculty weigh in on Middle East uprisings

As Egypt protests gather strength, students, faculty weigh in on Middle East uprisings

After hundreds of thousands of protestors crowded the streets of Cairo in an attempt to bring an end to Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak’s 30-year reign, many Boston University faculty and students joined the rest of the world in keeping a close eye on developments in the troubled country. BU professor of International Relations Augustus Richard Norton, a specialist in Middle […]

Chomsky: US won’t acknowledge Iraq war crimes

The Battle of Fallujah shows “the incapacity of Americans to recognize U.S. crimes,” Noam Chomsky said Thursday.

To improve Israeli image, minister gives diplomacy lessons

Yuli-Yoel Edelstein, the Israeli minister of information and diaspora, arrived in Boston on Sunday for a three-day visit to promote a new campaign to educate Israeli citizens in diplomacy.

Obama sets new limits on US nuclear weapon usage in upcoming treaty with Russia

About one year after a Prague address calling for a world without nuclear weapons, President Barack Obama announced Tuesday that the United States and Russia will sign a treaty that will significantly limit both countries’ use and acquisition of such devices.

Human trafficking still exists, yet receives little attention, panelists say

More people are enslaved around the world than ever before, panelists said Thursday night in a lecture at the Boston Public Library in Copley Square.

China strikes back against Google?s censorship defiance

The Chinese government retaliated Tuesday after search giant Google made the decision to stop censoring search results in China by redirecting users to an uncensored version of their website based in Hong Kong.

Google to stop censoring in China

Google announced Monday that it will stop censoring search results in China, setting up a confrontation with the country’s strict regime.

Global warming complicates Arctic oil disputes

Boston University graduate student Sean Mackay said he witnessed global warming first-hand last summer when he sailed around the west coast of Greenland and visited Inuit communities.

As Greece's economy hangs in the balance, BU students watch with concern

The economic crisis plaguing the United States is widespread, affecting prosperous and poor countries alike. Greece has been hit particularly hard by the financial situation, and many, including Greek natives on Boston University’s campus, are now bracing for the consequences if the plight is not remedied soon.