Clean Slate supporters and slate members anticipate the results of the election.PHOTO BY SAVANAH MACDONALD/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Candidates from Clean Slate, BU Recharged elected as SG E-board

Two members of the slate Clean Slate and one from the slate BU Recharged were elected as three of the four members of the 2016-17 Boston University Student Government Executive Board, the Student Elections Commission announced Monday evening. Clean Slate’s Jake Brewer was confirmed to be the president-elect early Tuesday morning after BU Recharged’s Louis Vitti conceded, according to vice […]

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According to a study published Thursday in the Journal of Neurotrauma, there is evidence that suggests a link between the frequency of repetitive head impacts, often caused by sports incidents, and risk of neurological issues later in life. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Repeated head trauma in amateur sports linked to later-life cognitive dysfunctions

Boston University researchers found a relationship between repeated head trauma in amateur sports and a number of later-life cognitive dysfunctions in a report released Thursday, said principal researcher Philip Montenigro. “This is the first study that has established cause-and-effect relationships between that exposure from amateur football and later-life clinical impairment,” said Montenigro, a postdoctoral student in the BU School of […]

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Bipartisan legislation that aims to ease individuals convicted of drug offenses back into society was signed Wednesday by Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker. ILLUSTRATION BY NICOLAS TEPPER/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Gov. Charlie Baker reduces re-entry barriers after drug convictions

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker signed a bipartisan legislation Wednesday to reduce re-entry barriers for those within the commonwealth who carry drug convictions, according to a Wednesday press release. The release stated that those released from jail with drug convictions will no longer face a suspended driver’s license or $500 reinstatement fee. The bill will help those who have been convicted […]

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In response the ongoing legal battles concerning ride-hailing services such as Uber and Lyft, U.S. District Judge Nathaniel Gorton granted Boston Mayor Martin Walsh and his administration six months to revise regulations. The taxi industry considered the ruling a legal victory in its fight for equal protection rights. PHOTO BY RACHEL MCLEAN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Judge orders Walsh administration to change regulations for Uber, Lyft

United States District Court Judge Nathaniel Gorton gave Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s administration six months to change the way the city regulates taxis and ride-hailing companies, such as Uber and Lyft, according to Judge Gorton’s Thursday court order. In his order, Gorton wrote that these changes have become imperative as transportation network companies continue to rise in popularity. “As TNCs […]

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The Boston City Council passed a bill Friday that will that ban city-sponsored travel to North Carolina as a result of the state's discrimination against transgender individuals. GRAPHIC BY RACHEL CHMIELINKSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

City Council bans city-sponsored travel to North Carolina

The Boston City Council passed an ordinance Wednesday banning all city-sponsored travel to North Carolina, according to Dan Sibor, chief of staff for City Councilor Josh Zakim. Zakim filed the ordinance on March 28 as a result of a recently passed law in North Carolina, according to a press release from the same day. The ordinance stated that the North […]

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The midterm report created by the Howard Thurman Visioning Committee suggested an increase in interracial discussion and collaboration within the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground. PHOTO BY PAIGE TWOMBLY/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Report recommends Howard Thurman Center’s physical expansion

The Howard Thurman Visioning Committee submitted a report of recommendations Tuesday to Boston University President Robert Brown and Provost Jean Morrison regarding the expansion of the Howard Thurman Center for Common Ground. The recommendations aim to increase discussion among racially and culturally diverse communities on campus. In December 2015, Brown charged the 11-member committee, comprised of faculty members and students, to compile […]

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In an effort to find alternative solutions to the use of firearms, the Massachusetts State Police announced Thursday that they will outfit their troopers with Tasers. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA

Massachusetts State Police arm troopers with Tasers

The Massachusetts State Police announced on Thursday the purchase of 895 electronic control weapons in the form of Tasers to immediately equip state troopers in the Division of Field Services, according to a Thursday press release. According to the release, the MSP will begin arming troopers with Tasers in an effort to reduce gun usage to control violent, non-compliant suspects. […]

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A report issued Wednesday by the Office of the Inspector General found that Massachusetts has lost nearly $1 million in revenue on highway tolls. PHOTO BY BRIGID KING/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Massachusetts loses $1 million in toll revenue

Massachusetts lost nearly $1 million in toll revenue by allowing employees and retirees of the Massachusetts Department of Transportation to pass through tollbooths without paying the fee, according to a Wednesday report from the Office of the Inspector General. The report stated that more than $985,000 was lost in toll revenue between Nov. 1, 2009 and Aug. 31, 2015. MassDOT […]

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The Questrom School of Business celebrated the first anniversary since the Allen and Kelli Questrom gave a record-breaking donation to the school that resulted in the name change. PHOTO BY ANNALYN KUMAR/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

“Questrom Day” celebrates first anniversary, innovation

The Boston University Questrom School of Business hosted “Questrom Day” Wednesday to celebrate the first anniversary of Allen and Kelli Questrom’s record-breaking donation to the school that led to the renaming of the previously called School of Management. Approximately 600 BU community members attended the celebration, Questrom spokesperson Midge Wilcke said. The celebration included a photo session in the Virginia […]

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Officials from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority announced Monday that they are looking to eliminate riders' ability to use cash as payment on buses and trains in an effort to create a more user-friendly system. PHOTO BY ERIN BILLINGS/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

MBTA to eliminate cash payment option

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority plans to eliminate cash payments for its services, MBTA spokesperson Jason Johnson stated Wednesday. Johnson wrote in an email that the MBTA’s goal is to update the payment system to align with the technology of the current generation. “The goal is to develop a system that would allow riders to pay with phones, contactless credit cards […]

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