Jake Brewer, a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences and BU Student Government's president-elect, presents his amendment to create an upper and lower house at a Senate meeting Wednesday evening. PHOTO BY SOFIA FARENTINOS/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Senators reject Brewer’s proposed bicameral legislative plan by narrow margin

The Boston University Student Government Senate debated for three hours Monday evening, eventually voting to reject president-elect Jake Brewer’s proposed amendment to the SG Constitution. Brewer’s proposal was for a bicameral legislature, separating senators and the rest of the student body into an Upper House and Lower House, The Daily Free Press reported on April 12. The amendment proposal failed […]

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Genders not equal in workforce despite education efforts, study finds

Genders not equal in workforce despite education efforts, study finds

Efforts to close the gap in education between men and women still fail to help women gain equal access to political representation and quality jobs, according to a study published Friday by The University of Vermont. “There is a reversal in progress towards job integration, as evidenced by a decline in the ratio of the share of women employed in […]

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The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced Monday that it will look into fining Amtrak for future delays after the company’s signal system caused 40 commuter train delays and cancellations on Sunday. PHOTO BY MADDIE MALHOTRA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

MassDOT to fine Amtrak for disrupted service

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced that it would implement a system of fines for Amtrak when service on shared rails is disrupted, therefore impacting residents’ commutes, according to Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority spokesperson Jason Johnson. In the past several months, Amtrak has disrupted commuter rail service when workers “tripped computer systems that then disrupted service, thus inconveniencing T riders,” […]

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In response to a fatal car accident in February that killed 35-year-old Caitlin Clavette, of Winchester, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced Friday that it will be conducting extensive highway safety testing to avoid future incidents. PHOTO BY KANKANIT WIRIYASAJJA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

MassDOT to improve roadway inspections across Massachusetts

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation announced plans Friday to improve its roadway inspection process after a woman was killed by a loose manhole cover in February, according to a statement released Friday from Highway Administrator Thomas Tinlin. Tinlin said in the statement that MassDOT plans to improve the commonwealth’s infrastructure to improve safety for its citizens. “The Massachusetts Department of […]

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Harvey Michaels, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, speaks at an Earth Week+ event hosted by the BU Institute for Sustainable Energy on Tuesday afternoon. PHOTO BY ADRIANA DIAZ/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Intelligent buildings can be energy efficiency’s future, scholars say

Scholars presented the concept of intelligent buildings as a key factor in the future of energy efficiency during a seminar Tuesday afternoon hosted by the Boston University Institute for Sustainable Energy. Massachusetts Institute of Technology research scientist Harvey Michaels gave a presentation on furthering the development of intelligent buildings at the edge of a clean energy grid composed of sustainable […]

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Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh joined a bipartisan committee to prevent the legalization of recreational marijuana. GRAPHIC BY RACHEL CHMIELINSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Gov. Charlie Baker and Mayor Martin Walsh oppose legalization of marijuana

Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Martin Walsh joined a bipartisan committee Thursday opposing the commercial legalization of marijuana in the commonwealth, according to a Thursday press release. Though marijuana is decriminalized and legalized for medical purposes in Massachusetts, new legislation proposes full legalization for the sale and purchase of marijuana and other cannabis products, according to the release. […]

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Traffic safety will be a highlighted component of Boston Mayor Martin Walsh’s proposed 2017 Fiscal Year budget, according to his presentation to the Boston City Council on Thursday. PHOTO BY KANKANIT WIRIYASAJJA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Fiscal Year 2017 budget to emphasize traffic safety

Boston Mayor Martin Walsh announced Thursday that traffic safety in Boston will play a large role in the proposed budget for Fiscal Year 2017, according to a Thursday press release. The release stated that $3.1 million will be geared toward traffic improvements this year, and $9.3 million will be spent over the next three years. This money will go to […]

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BU students express a greater connection to the Boston community through Boston Marathon traditions and the “Boston Strong” slogan. PHOTO BY JACQUI BUSICK/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Students merge with city spirit for 2016 marathon, reflect “Boston Strong”

Katie Teixeira, a Boston University student, joined hundreds of other BU students in Kenmore Square to watch runners of the 2016 Boston Marathon pass through parts of campus toward the finish line on Monday. “To see people coming out, running and cheering … is a great experience,” she said as she cheered the competitors along. Many BU students came out […]

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Students take their seats Sunday afternoon at the ground floor lounge of the Yawkey Center for Student Services for the wake held in memory of deceased College of Arts and Sciences freshman Jai Menon. PHOTO BY OLIVIA FALCIGNO/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Service mourns loss of CAS freshman Jai Menon

Family and friends of Jai Menon, the freshman who died March 30 at Kilachand Hall, gathered Sunday afternoon at a service held on the ground floor lounge of the Yawkey Center for Student Services. On behalf of the Boston University administration, Dean of Marsh Chapel Robert Hill welcomed the Menon family and a group of approximately 30 attendees. “Our time […]

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According to the Boston University Police Department, the 2016 Boston Marathon saw an increase in reports of group disturbances in comparison to crime reports from 2012 to 2015. PHOTO BY KELSEY CRONIN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Alcohol intoxication remains prevalent during marathon, increase in group disturbances

The Boston University Police Department received eight accounts of group disturbances, seven accounts of intoxicated students on the Charles River Campus and one account for noise complaints between midnight and 8 p.m. on the Monday of the 2016 Boston Marathon, according to BUPD crime logs given to The Daily Free Press. Between 9:59 a.m. and 11 a.m., BUPD received four […]

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