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BUSM profs. see new growth in cell development

Boston University School of Medicine professors have discovered that tissues taken from specific cells were not rejected when transplanted into genetically identical recipients, according to a BUSM press release Monday. The study, published online in the journal “Cell Stem Cell,” implanted tissues from induced pluripotent stem cells into genetically identical recipients to demonstrate the potential of using the cells to […]

BU retains tech. budget, works to increase services

Boston University was among hundreds of universities not making budget cuts in technology in 2012, making investments in services such as wireless coverage, classroom technology and information systems. “For the fiscal 2012 year, we did not receive a budget cut,” said Tracy Schroeder, vice president for Information Services and Technology at BU. “The technology budget wasn’t cut because, frankly, we […]

H1N1 vaccine may worsen symptoms, study finds

The H1N1 flu vaccine might actually worsen symptoms of the potentially deadly flu in animals exposed to it, a new study suggests. Danuta Skowronski, an epidemiologist at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, lead a study showing that ferrets given the 2008–09 H1N1 vaccine became more sick than ferrets given a placebo vaccine after exposure to the H1N1 virus. […]

Community members unconvinced of safety measures in BU biolab

Community members unconvinced of safety measures in BU biolab

Although proponents of the National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratories said the facilities have the proper safeguards, Boston University students and locals called for officials to stop the study of Level-4 pathogens at a hearing Monday night. About 60 opponents and defendants of the BU biolab attended the hearing in the Cathedral Housing Development in the South End to express their […]

Doomsday no more: BU researchers find oldest Mayan calendar

The world’s end may not arrive in December 2012 after all. An archeology expedition led by Boston University researchers and students gives insight into recently discovery Mayan calendars. The Xultun lunar calendar, roughly five centuries older than previously discovered Mayan calendars, was recently discovered, according to a Science Magazine report released Thursday. The calendar debunks the prediction of an apocalypse in […]

Seau family considering brain donation to BU, still undecided

Junior Seau’s family is determining whether or not they will donate his brain for research, which could shed light on the cause of the retired National Football League player’s May 2 death. “The Seau family is currently revisiting several important family decisions and placing them on hold in order to confer with their elders. All possibilities are being considered, but […]

Public meeting for biolab set for April

The National Institutes of Health announced it will hold a public meeting on April 19 to discuss the National Emerging Infectious Diseases laboratories at Boston University’s Medical Center. The NIH released a Draft Supplementary Risk Assessment of more than 1,700 pages, according to the website. The NIH also released a 23-page Reader’s Guide to help the public digest the heavy […]

BU enrollment in math, sciences, tech rises slightly

Enrollment for Boston University science-based programs has shown moderate growth, despite a recent trend of decreasing interest among American youth. A recent survey of young Americans conducted by the Lemelson-MIT Invention Index found 60 percent do not intend to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering or math. BU officials said, however, BU’s programs have been relatively unaffected. Numbers provided by […]

BU profs find DNA connection to onset of menopause

Researchers at Boston University’s School of Public Health and School of Medicine found 13 new genetic areas associated with immune function and DNA repair affecting aging and the beginning of menopause, according to a press release. The BU press release stated associate professor of medicine Joanne Murabito and biostatistics professor Kathryn Lunetta concluded the genes associated with a woman’s age […]

The real butterfly in your stomach: Scientists explore the possibility of a “second brain” in our gut

Ever had someone tell you to follow your gut? Or maybe you’ve been sitting with a test in front of you or a decision to make, and deep down there is something in your gut telling you what the correct answer or choice is. Research has now revealed that what you may have thought of as an idiom —the “gut […]