Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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LETTER: Ensuring People Make the Right Decisions

This letter is a response to “Manipulate Me: The Booming Business in Behavioral Finance,” published by, and  can be found at: Behavioral economics has opened a new world as the field answers some interesting questions on how people make decisions. We are bombarded by an incredible amount of information every day, and yet we […]

LETTER: A Reexamination of Rape Culture: How I Became 1 in 4

What does it mean to be the victim of rape or sexual assault? It seems like a simple question, but in fact, it is not simple at all. The problem isn’t the question itself, but the range of answers we get when we ask it. Was I raped? It seems strange that something as horrifying […]

LETTER: Insurance companies adjust coverage to methadone clinics

In the April 27 edition of The Daily Press, an article about opiate addiction treatment in Massachusetts (“Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics”) contained a number of misleading statements and negative speculation about for-profit programs in general, and the Habit OPCO network specifically. Habit OPCO has a long history of providing […]

From the Board of Directors

May 5, 2014 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: The Daily Free Press to transition to digital-first, weekly publication Forty-four years ago today, Boston University students launched The Daily Free Press, uniting two competing newspapers to bring students independent reporting on breaking news. Since then, we have brought BU’s 30,000 students award-winning content, covering everything from student protests […]

FINAL WORD: A letter from the editor

At this very moment in time, I would argue, student journalists are caught in one of the most difficult situations of any type of student. We are asked to keep up with modern trends, and criticized by the traditionalists when we strive too far outside the box. We are asked to hold ourselves to the […]