Thursday, April 17, 2014
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SHEA: Too old for this

I want to think that by 21 years old, someone is responsible and competent enough to know how to not be late. And yet, here I am disappointing myself almost every morning by sleeping in 20 extra minutes, completely panicked as I rush to class or work. The cause of most of my anger has […]

GIESELMANN: Acclimation

In an interesting turn of events, our weekend trip to Beijing planned by Boston University’s Shanghai office was canceled at the last minute due to hazardous air quality in the nation’s capital. In recent years, air pollution has become so oppressive that schools and workplaces are sometimes totally shut down on days in which the […]

RUTH: Sustainable love

A tree would be the perfect valentine. Time after time, they alleviate our errors by taking in the absurd amount of carbon dioxide that we propel into our atmosphere, they’re beautiful to look at and it’s impossible for them to lie. Trees are completely open books. If you use an increment borer to extract a core from the […]

HOFBERG: Valentine’s Day

Every year it’s the day that I not only eat my weight in chocolate that I buy for myself, but also one that I’m left to ponder why I don’t ever have a Valentine of my own to shower me with flowers, love letters and heart-shaped candies. Twenty-five years of being single and I still […]

RYAN: From Russia, with (same) love

Last Friday, I opened up Chrome to find the Google logo all decked out for the Olympic opening ceremonies. However, rather than the typical Google color scheme, the designers had chosen a rainbow palette. In case this wasn’t obvious enough for the average Google user, the quotation from the Olympic Charter on the bottom of […]