Saturday, April 19, 2014
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DOUGLAS: That art history gal

Hey BU! This week I talked to someone with a unique perspective on what it means to be at a university in Boston. Her name is Defne Calgar and she is an international student from Istanbul. My first question was how she ended up at BU all the way from Turkey. She told me that […]

MARASCO: The 46 percent

Every now and then, I hear a statistic that gives me substantial pause, such as the fact that there are more than 1,000 chemicals in a single cup of coffee, or that vending machines commit double-digit murders annually. But I especially can’t shake a statistic that I first heard in a biology class my sophomore […]

SHEA: O magnum mysterium

Wednesday, I will relive my standardized testing nightmare and take the GRE out of pure necessity for graduate school admissions. Needless to say, I feel like there is no good way to prepare. I do not know what the acronym GRE stands for, I have not thought about math in more than five years, and […]

DEPIES: The worst kind of crush

The scene was right out of some contrived romantic comedy.  I was standing in the dining hall, facing an array of faces I didn’t know, when I saw him. He was sitting with a group of friends, laughing and eating a bowl of midday Lucky Charms. (Have I mentioned that I always eat midday Lucky […]

RUTH: A Rocky Road

Last week, I was sprinting toward the inbound T at St. Mary’s Street and barely made it. Flustered, I tried to look for a seat so I could comfortably finish one of my math problems. I saw a man with a carriage filled with all of his belongings — a pillow, groceries, books, some clothes […]