Thursday, April 24, 2014
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I can vividly recall a pitcher on my high school baseball team getting upset at an outfielder in our dugout in between innings. We were winning — that wasn’t the issue. He was angry because he had been pitching a “perfect game” (I put it in quotes because it was only three innings into the […]

SHEA: A little aggressive

My resting face is cold and abrasive. Even if I’m not thinking mean thoughts about someone, apparently my eyebrows and mouth are situated in a way that makes me look like I’m angry. This condition is called BRF, as you might already know, and the last two letters of the acronym stand for Resting Face. […]

RUTH: A virtual perspective

Last year, I started playing a game called Minecraft in which the sole objective of the game is to break blocks and build structures out of said blocks. I always found myself resorting to Minecraft whenever I became stressed because I found that breaking virtual blocks is surprisingly cathartic. For such a simplistic game, it […]

DEPIES: Distracted Walking

There is no reason why walking should be as difficult as it is. It’s one of the first things we all learn how to do in life. After our first steps, it’s not considered a particularly remarkable skill, barring any extenuating circumstances. I’m the first to admit that running is a terrible, painful activity and […]

RYAN: Not another empty pantsuit

As I was scanning the Internet for column ideas, I happened upon a Washington Post article titled, “Why Elizabeth Warren Should Scare Hillary Clinton.” In the article, Chris Cillizza, the author, argued that Warren has the best chance of beating Clinton in the 2016 Democratic primaries. First of all, it’s pretty clear somebody didn’t read my first […]