Saturday, April 19, 2014
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RUTH: You’re not my type

Whenever I type, Cambria is my font of choice. It’s not the sturdy appearance of the letters that makes me swoon — but the fact that my eyes can actually read it without me hunching over at my desk with my face two inches away from the screen. A slight exaggeration, but you get the […]

MAHDI: Every vote counts?

In the Central African Republic, the site of a former village can sometimes be determined by an influx of mango tree clusters, with unpicked fruits on the ground. Tim Whewell described these groups of trees, the fruit ripening and falling to the ground, inhabiting a land of forgotten people with an intoxicating scent in a […]

SIBER: Gone, baby, gone

LEGEND HAS IT that an ancient figure — one signifying patience and time-defying skill — inlays a secretive, candlelit corridor within the crypts of Giza’s pyramids. Carved beside this mystical figure, hip-hop deity and mythological rapper Jay Electronica. Born Timothy Elpadaro Thedford in the crime-ridden Magnolia Projects of New Orleans, Electronica first sparked the interest […]

HSU: The secret of loving vinyl: Accept your status as a pretentious nerd

The only reason there are people that don’t get vinyl is that the people who do love vinyl are never honest about why it’s great. Full disclosure: I love vinyl. And that’s stupid. It’s stupid the way collecting stamps is stupid, or the way that dumpster diving for antiques is stupid. It’s just a hobby. […]

KESSELLY: Hip-Hop lyricism: Freedom of speech v. inflammatory speech

The last year was a phenomenal year to be a hip-hop or R&B fan. Kendrick Lamar and Frank Ocean were met with critical acclaim and commercial success. Kanye West, Jay-Z, J. Cole, Drake, Pusha T, Childish Gambino, Eminem and Beyoncé released new, enjoyable LPs. Pharrell Williams made his triumphant return, winning the Grammy for Producer […]