Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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MAHDI: On safety

As human beings, we like to gravitate toward situations that make us feel safe. We lock our front doors when we come in and out of our homes. We keep sensitive documents safely stored away. We insist that our friends text us to say they’ve reached home safely on the weekends. And yet, when it […]

RYAN: For Sale: The U.S. Government

I am the average poor college student. Since moving to Boston last September, I have asked my Daddy Dearest for no cash contributions. My bank account is always a little too close to zero, and I cherish the 3 a.m. direct deposit from Boston University on Fridays. But, thanks to a Supreme Court decision last week, I […]

SHEA: Exodus 20

Before I leave Boston University, there are a few (not 10) issues I’d like to publicize regarding general courtesy and how horrible some people’s understanding of it is. These are things that have caused me to give off judgmental stares and furrowed eyebrows throughout the years, things that I’d like to assume everyone has been […]

HOFBERG: Trader Joe’s

Confession: I am a full-blown shopaholic. There’s nothing I love more than spending my financial aid money on crop tops from Urban Outfitters, Lush bath bombs, fuzzy socks and bangle bracelets. I’m also a girl that loves to eat. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could afford to eat all my meals out? If I […]

GIESLEMANN: China’s national pastime

Waking up without the sound of my alarm jostling me from sleep is a wonderful feeling. Sleeping in is something I took for granted during my obscenely long winter break. Now I look forward to weekends when I can finally recuperate and gain back the hours I lost during the week working on Chinese homework […]