Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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SHEA: I thee wed?

When I first began studying at Boston University, my goal was to complete a degree in classics and then become the editor of a wedding magazine. For a few years in high school I had been obsessed with all aspects of wedding planning, and wanted to someday change the industry into something less tacky (e.g., […]

LATIMER: I’d rather trip and fall

Have you ever tripped? Taken shrooms? Had a tab of LSD? I haven’t because I’m afraid of what creatures lurk in my shadows. But into my fourth sleepless, feverish night of mono, I might as well have taken a spaceship to Mars. For most of Sunday, I could not speak. If you had asked me […]

MARASCO: Sauceless

I took a long, hard look in the mirror after eating a $1 burrito from 7-Eleven for dinner for the fourth night in a row. Are we sure this is the road we want to go down? Is this what we’ve become? Is it strange that I address myself as “we” when we have these […]

GUEST COLUMN: Not what I said

When I was 13 I was writing a novel. Unfortunately (or luckily — probably luckily), the file has long been lost, so I cannot even guess what weird plot I slaved over all those years ago. If I remember correctly, there were elves. I was not a cool 13 year old. If you had asked […]

LATIMER: What could go wrong?

Do you remember the last time you got that tingling in your toes? You know, that almost shaking cold sensation like a flickering fluorescent light that travels up your ankles then up your spine? It happens when you’re at the top of a tall structure or when you’re leaning too far over a ledge. Well, […]