EDIT: Massachusetts Ballot Question 2

Massachusetts has long been at the forefront of the nation’s push to protect the environment. With the intent of increasing recycling rates, the Commonwealth passed the “Bottle Bill” in 1983, a law that provided that carbonated beverages have a return value of five cents upon recycling. After 32 years and a recycling rate of carbonated beverages at over 75 percent, […]

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NEMINSKI: Is the Coakley Campaign Collapsing…Again?

NEMINSKI: Is the Coakley Campaign Collapsing…Again?

For all those who follow Massachusetts’ politics — especially the Democrats — the name Martha Coakley has a very infamous ring to it. Coakley has been serving as the Commonwealth’s Attorney General since 2007, but her infamy did not come until 2009, when Edward “Ted” Kennedy died and both national and Massachusetts Democrats looked to her to win the special […]

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MINTZ: Hooking Up is Hard to Do

MINTZ: Hooking Up is Hard to Do

Around 1 a.m. Sunday, I realized that I had lost one of my friends. Not lost in the greater sense, but just physically, in that moment, lost. One second, she was by my side at the party we were at, and we were attached at the hip, as we usually are on our nights out, and the next second, she […]

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NGAI: Women and History

NGAI: Women and History

It comes to no one’s surprise that women dominate Boston University. Sixty percent of students are female, while only 40 percent are male, according to College Board statistics for BU. It doesn’t seem like that will be changing any time soon, and with BU being the first U.S. college to admit women along with men, this is a statistic worn […]

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TAMOLA: About Weight Watchers

You know those Pinterest quote boards or your sorority sisters or whatever who talk about loving wildly and doing everything to the extreme and living in the moment and all. You know, that stuff. That’s kind of how I am with food. I love food. I try to tell myself whenever I am out at a restaurant, that in an […]

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HOFBERG: Sweet Home California

This week, I learned there’s nothing like taking an excessively long trip back home to make you remember why you ever moved away in the first place. I come from Santa Barbara, California. Sometimes referred to as the American Riviera, or heaven on earth, the town of just 90,000 residents is known for its wide beaches, majestic mountains, mild climate, […]

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LISINSKI: The Alchemy of Personality

Let me share with you an inconvenient truth about the act of studying abroad: you are still the same flawed person, even in another country. Wrapped up in this is another truth, albeit one more universally applicable: expectations can often be an enemy, not a friend. This may be seventh-grade-level wisdom, but regardless, it has been an acute experience lately. […]

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REYNOLDS: Let’s Talk About Lunch

School lunches are the talk of the table this week as bloggers slam First Lady Michelle Obama and her school lunch reform policies. A pregnant 17 year old from Chickasha, Oklahoma posted a photo on the Internet on Oct. 13 of her Obama-fied school lunch: two slices of lunch meat, a slice of cheese, some cauliflower and two packages of […]

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NEMINSKI: The Incompetence of the Obama Administration

NEMINSKI: The Incompetence of the Obama Administration

It is tough not to notice the Ebola scare circulating around the country. CNN seems to have another doctor on air every day discussing what to think of the problem. I am not going to write about how you should panic over Ebola. It is safe to say that our health care system will keep the Ebola numbers from growing. […]

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MINTZ: Welcome to the New Age

MINTZ: Welcome to the New Age

Well, it has officially come and gone: it was my birthday on Oct. 19, and I am now officially one year older. There were the token “Happy birthday, Casey!” posts on my Facebook wall from people I haven’t spoken to since middle school, the usual texts from my best friends’ moms and half a dozen calls from family members who […]

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