Friday, April 25, 2014
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SHEA: Idque audire sat est?

For every classroom, there is a pretentious question-asker, a self-important show-off. As a classics major who has taken many literature-based classes where discussion is encouraged, I have had to sit through many a seminar with card-carrying Jane Austen enthusiasts who spoon their 11 cats each night while I silently stare at them in indignation. These […]

DEPIES: Am I going crazy?

I’m walking down Commonwealth Avenue, rueing the day I ever signed up for four 8 a.m. classes a week, when I catch a glimpse of a girl I met in my high school modern dance class. I’d rather not go into why I ever actively chose to take a modern dance class, but I swear […]

RUTH: Tales from a Trailblazer

There I was, skipping through a blackberry field, filling my wicker basket with berries to make a voluptuous pie. It was as if I walked into the Narnia wardrobe, but the only things around me were blackberry bushes. My mind was filled with the aroma of pie, muffins and scones. The opportunities were endless. I […]

RYAN: On your marks, get set … don’t go

Our education system is crumbling at our feet. We have serious human rights violations in Syria and around the world. The globe is running out of fuel, food and space. Healthcare is limited and cancer is becoming more common. With this in mind, I think the media is already investing too much into the 2016 […]

DOUGLAS: That Scooter Guy

A couple of times this semester, I have heard people commenting on that kid with the scooter. I’m sure you’ve all seen him. Sometimes he rides with his girlfriend, sometimes alone, but he’s always stoked about it. I mean, how can you not be ecstatic while riding a scooter on Commonwealth Avenue? Anyway, I happen […]