Sunday, April 20, 2014
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RYAN: Is this church or Congress?

My occasionally Protestant mother sent her unreligious daughter (me) to Catholic school because it worked best with her nine-to-five schedule. One of my second grade vocabulary words was “reconciliation”. I learned all about John the Baptist and sang Latin chants in music class. I decided to be baptized when I was thirteen years old. Catholicism […]


You may not believe me if you saw me today, but in my younger years I used to be extremely overweight. High school was a nightmare for my waistline and me. It was a period of my life defined by self-loathing, extremely low self-esteem and battles with fad diets that I prayed would result in […]

MAHDI: The stories of others

When I was young, I had a strong obsession with ancient Egypt. I loved the stories I learned about in school, I loved the hieroglyphics and I loved the legend of Tutankhamun. When Howard Carter, the man responsible for the excavations, and Lord Carnarvon, his financier had thought all was lost, Carter discovered a hidden […]

RUTH: This little light of mine

I never thought I’d say this, but my double situated in a South Campus brownstone is too large. I have way more space than I need and I often find myself having the issue of deciding where to put things because there are just too many options. And for the record, I’m not being sarcastic. Despite my […]

RYAN: It’s her choice, not ours

I had the distinct pleasure of walking past Planned Parenthood this week while protesters were in front of it. They were handing out pamphlets and carrying signs. All of this would have been fine, except one of the old white guys yelled after me, “Did you know they kill babies here? 22,000 babies are murdered […]