Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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GIESELMANN: Tiananmen Square

Beijing is an old city. Compared with the omnipresent bright, neon lights that adorn the mass of skyscrapers in Shanghai, Beijing did not immediately strike me as a thriving metropolis, home to 21 million citizens. Instead of highways elevated above the rest of the city, allowing cars to hurtle around the city four stories up, […]

HOFBERG: On Shingles

Let me give you all a free piece of advice that I wish someone had given me: if you can help it, don’t ever get shingles. Before last week, I didn’t even know what shingles was. If you had asked me, my best guess would have been that maybe it was a technical term for […]

RUTH: King Keurig

Every day, I stroll into my room around 6:30 p.m. after a thrilling day of work and classes. I sit down at my desk with my Spongebob mug, scavenge through my covert box of assorted K-cups and mentally prepare myself for the scrumptious delight that my Keurig produces. Maybe I’m biased because I adore everything with a […]

MAHDI: On safety

As human beings, we like to gravitate toward situations that make us feel safe. We lock our front doors when we come in and out of our homes. We keep sensitive documents safely stored away. We insist that our friends text us to say they’ve reached home safely on the weekends. And yet, when it […]

RYAN: For Sale: The U.S. Government

I am the average poor college student. Since moving to Boston last September, I have asked my Daddy Dearest for no cash contributions. My bank account is always a little too close to zero, and I cherish the 3 a.m. direct deposit from Boston University on Fridays. But, thanks to a Supreme Court decision last week, I […]