Monday, April 21, 2014
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A Lincoln, Neb. mother frantically searched for her missing 3-year old son only to find him stuck in an arcade crane machine. We here at the ol’ Free Press were wondering where people at BU might find themselves stuck. COM: In a statistics class CFA: In an existential crisis CGS: In a paper bag SAR: […]

EDIT: Reassigning for a purpose

If a teenage girl wanted a nose job or a moderately overweight man sought liposuction, chances are their healthcare providers would tell them they’re on their own. However, a new proposal suggests that gender reassignment surgery, which like cosmetic surgery, is often regarded as a personal choice, is medically urgent enough to be covered by […]

EDIT: Self-rehabilitation

In 1999, Cornealious ‘Mike’ Anderson robbed a St. Louis Burger King. He was convicted and condemned to 13 years in a Missouri state prison. He posted bail, filed an appeal and after the appeal failed, then waited in his home for law enforcement to arrest him to enforce his sentence. However, the arrest came a […]

EDIT: What is #BostonStrong?

While some people were at the finish line as the bombs exploded at the 2013 Boston Marathon, others were partying on roof decks in Allston. People’s perspectives on the memory of that day are relative to how close in both proximity and emotion they were to the tragedy. As the city of Boston and the […]

EDIT: Keeping up with the times

As push notifications are becoming a more common way to obtain news than front-page headlines, Boston University’s College of Communication has turned its head toward this trend. Last week, COM unveiled the Center for Mobile Communication Studies, a groundbreaking step in recognizing the current and future changes occurring in mobile news media. The launch of […]