Wednesday, July 30, 2014
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EDIT: Noble and misguided

As of Wednesday night, Humanists of Boston University have gathered more than 1,200 signatures on to petition Robin Thicke’s upcoming performance at Agganis Arena on March 4. Humanists of Boston University argue that Thicke should not be allowed to perform on BU’s campus because his songs, and “Blurred Lines” in particular, promote and glorify […]


A Minnesota groom forgot his pants on his wedding day. A special courier flew 11 hours from the store to personally deliver the groom his pants at his destination wedding in Costa Rica. We here at the ol’ Free Press were wondering what important thing people at BU would forget on their wedding days.  SMG: […]

EDIT: The cost of minimum wage

Open any generic college ‘Intro to Economics’ textbook and the first problem will deal with tackling minimum wage. Will raising the minimum wage hurt the free market? What’s the right minimum wage? And what’s the fairest way for the world’s largest economy to deal with it? This debate has dragged on for decades, both nationally […]

EDIT: College is worth it, but not for everyone

With tuition at Boston University costing about $58,000 per year, the administration and students should be happy to hear that yet another study has come out proving how valuable a college education is. According to a Pew Research study released last week, Millennials, aged 25 to 32, with a college degree have median annual earnings […]

EDIT: Helio-eccentrics?

On Feb. 14, most of the population was focused on Valentine’s Day, but many did not realize that it was Galileo Galilei’s 450th birthday. Lauded as the father of modern astronomy, he was the champion of heliocentrism; namely, that the Earth and other planets all revolve around the Sun. In the modern day, many of […]