Thursday, April 24, 2014
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STAFF EDIT: Bad news

Following the cancellation of the Washington Journalism Center for the spring 2010 semester, journalism students lost one of the most prolific opportunities offered to them at BU. Though planning to revamp the program for fall 2010 is in the works, the administration is citing lack of student interest as one of the main reasons it was suspended for the upcoming spring.

STAFF EDIT: Voter turn-offs

Following Tuesday’s primary election to replace late U.S. Sen. Edward Kennedy, Massachusetts voters elected Democrat Martha Coakley to be the Democratic candidate that will face off with Republican Scott Brown in the final elections in January. Coakley’s advancement practically guarantees the state’s very first female U.S. senator, considering Brown will likely not be elected due to the state’s affinity for Democrats.

STAFF EDIT: Levelheaded, evenhanded

Following the death of Sen. Edward Kennedy in August, not only was a chair left unoccupied in the Senate, but also, Massachusetts lost one of its longest-running and most recognizable officeholders ever. Today, Massachusetts will vote in the Senate primary election for two people who will vie to officially fill his void, and although no candidate will ever be able to call him or herself the new Ted Kennedy, it is important that the chosen candidate embody both his gimlet eye for progress and his tenacity.

STAFF EDIT: Out of paper

Students who may have been expecting big things from the Boston University Student Union’s negotiation with administration to expand page allotment by next semester might be disappointed to learn that come January, they’ll still be limited to 100 free pages.

STAFF EDIT: In defense of dining halls

A possible new building on campus, the East Campus Center, is in talks by Boston University adminstration, the opening of which would call for the closing down of the dining halls in the three easternmost residences on campus, Myles Standish Hall, Shelton Hall and The Towers.