EDIT: Build more to make more money?

Constructing more buildings on campus brings an array of benefits to Boston University. The campus looks better, wealthier prospective students are drawn to brand new facilities and the school becomes more desirable to donors. Although new dormitories like a Student Village III on campus add to the impressive Boston University skyline, old classrooms and dormitories are forgotten in its shadow. […]

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EDIT: Droning on about the future

Instant gratification is no longer exclusively for music and movie downloads. Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos announced Sunday that the online shipping company is developing autonomous drones that will fly goods to deliver a customer’s DVDs, cameras and baby apparel in a half hour if the customers are within 10 miles of a distribution center. Essentially, lucky customers within the boundaries for drones […]

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EDIT: What American holiday values?

In elementary school, American students learned about the bountiful feast shared between Native Americans and pilgrims to symbolize their new friendship and partnership to build the United States we know today. When we got older, we started to learn about the genocide and destruction of Native American cultures brought on by European imperialist ventures all the way from the coastlines […]

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A Brazilian college student attempted to sell her virginity through an online auction last year. Since the deal was never consummated, according to the National Post, she is officially trying her luck again through her own website. So, we here at the ol’ Free Press were wondering what prized posessions people at BU would auction off, if given the chance. […]

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EDIT: Whitewashing culture

During an ongoing gentrification process, developers of Long Island City are whitewashing its image — literally. As a large and dynamic artistic area, Long Island City was home to 5Pointz, a graffiti Mecca. Artists were drawn from all over the world to add to the blanket of decades-old graffiti on the outdoor walls of a large building complex. On Tuesday […]

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EDIT: Blog sparks controversy

Aware that controversy attracts clicks, returnofkings.com, a previously low profile, anti-feminism blog, recently posted a provocative article entitled, “5 Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder.” This article went viral on social media Tuesday, and clearly demonstrated how easily Internet trolls garner attention. Return of Kings, a blog for heterosexual men undermining feminism to empower masculinity, generated enough web […]

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EDIT: Don’t preach at me

Over the past couple of weeks, students at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga have endured “fire and brimstone” preaching from a fanatical woman in the middle of campus. This woman overwhelmed the area with her abrasive sermons by screaming damnation to the students. Once the preacher, Angela Cummings, acquired the appropriate documentation, UTC allotted a central place of land on campus […]

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EDIT: Preventing another Typhoon Haiyan

Drawing evidence from the damages caused by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines last week, underdeveloped countries continue to argue they have been affected the most by climate change despite contributing the least to the issue in terms of emissions. Despite the compelling reasons behind this argument, it does not look as if such action will be possible in today’s global […]

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EDIT: Lily Allen’s accidental objectification

Lily Allen exploded back into the media Tuesday with a new music video that appeared to have quite an agenda. When you watch her video, you’ll pick up on not-so-subtle jabs at Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Robin Thicke. While Allen claims the video is purely satirical, she has begun to receive a lot of backlash. Though Lily says she does not need […]

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EDIT: Cut back on the TSA, please

A validation report has identified an area where the U.S. government is possibly hemorrhaging money: the Transportation Security Administration. For the past 10 years, more than $900 million has funded a special security program to identify possible human threats in airports. The report has been unable to identify if the costly program is effective, and the Government Accountability Office is […]

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