Thursday, July 31, 2014
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EDIT: Coming out in the (W)NBA

Washington Wizards center Jason Collins has revealed his homosexuality in a Sports Illustrated article. This is the first time an active professional athlete in a major sport has come out during their career … in a male sport at least. Brittney Griner, the Women’s National Basketball Association’s first pick, casually slipped in that she is […]

EDIT: Redditorial

Many students, when they have 10 pages to write, find themselves on Tumblr, Facebook or Reddit. The last on that list is known for its r/aww thread providing the world with thousands of adorable animals or the gruesome r/wtf thread with photos that make most viewers cringe. After the Boston Marathon Bombing, Reddit moderators took […]

EDIT: A Clean Slate for 19 Years

Carla Hale was a physical education teacher at Bishop Watterson High School, a Catholic school in Ohio, for 19 years. She stayed in the closet about her sexuality and kept her lesbian partner a secret for most of her time there. Then, when Hale’s mother passed away, she made the decision to mention her partner […]


If you haven’t heard already, Boston University is in the throes of Student Goverment elections. We here at the good ol’ Free Press wondered what each college would make its campaign slogan.   COM: #COM #IS #THE #BOM #VOTE #2013 CGS: ABC. 123. Y’all should vote for me!! CFA: nahh… SHA: Free cupcakes for everyone! […]

EDIT: A new online sales tax?

So remember when you could buy things online from Delaware and not pay a sales tax? Well, that luxury may be coming to an end. The Marketplace Fairness Act, backed by, won by a landslide when Senate voted 75 – 22 in favor of the bill and shows signs of passing by the end […]