Saturday, April 19, 2014
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The Daily Free Press Endorses The BU Ignition for Student Government

When gender-neutral housing was put on the backburner and the Allocations Board revealed a new financial policy, Boston University students were forced to deal with sweeping changes without previous discussion with administrators. All three slates for student government — Can’t B Without U, Becoming United and The BU Ignition — have pushed for a seat […]

EDIT: Shut down or hiding?

During the grueling manhunt for the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect Friday, Police officials ordered all Boston-area residents to stay indoors while police scoured Watertown and surrounding areas. Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick reiterated the ordinance just after noon Friday as well, urging people to stay indoors. Shutting down the city did keep the civilians safe […]

EDIT: It’s blatant racism

Just after the second explosion, marathoners, onlookers and those who were injured but still mobile ran as fast as they could from the smoke. A 20-year-old student ran from the blast, his leg bloodied but still usable. An onlooker then tackled him to the ground, effectively conducting a citizen’s arrest amid the pandemonium. The vigilante […]

EDIT: In wake of a tragedy

Boston has proved its resilience. In the wake of one of the most tumultuous days for every resident in and around the city, people have come together, selflessly opening their homes to marathoners and their families. With a heavy heart, The Daily Free Press salutes those who completed the marathon, those who helped right after […]

EDIT: Report confirms U.S. torture

When your country is in a state of emergency, all you want is answers. The U.S. government, the Bush administration specifically, strove to find those answers. So the U.S. government resorted to torture. Top officials — TOP officials — okayed these tactics. Since 9/11, people deemed any sort of threat to national security — a […]