Thursday, April 17, 2014
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EDIT: Don’t deport our teachers

According to a New York Times article from earlier this month, President Obama is about to reach a significant milestone in his six years of presidency in regards to immigration reform. However, this is not a milestone that represents “champagne-worthy” success, but rather, utter failure. In the next few weeks, the government is likely to […]

EDIT: Is it a white v. black thing?

If someone dresses up as a Native American for Halloween, it’s “cute.” If a non-Indian dresses in a sari for prom, it’s “trendy.” If a white person wears blackface, well, that’s just flat-out racist. But if Nick Cannon, a black TV host, dresses in “white face,” it’s considered what people on the Internet are deeming […]

EDIT: Controlling birth control?

A divided Supreme Court argued Tuesday whether the religious beliefs of business owners could exempt them from providing their employees insurance coverage for all types of contraceptives under a requirement in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Simply put, the question at hand was to what extent could a corporation exercise their religious beliefs […]

EDIT: Medical conspiracies

According to a recent study by the University of Chicago, nearly half of Americans mistrust standard medical advice and mainstream pharmaceuticals. And, well, given that pharmaceutical companies are run like a business, why wouldn’t they be? According to the study, 37 percent of respondents believe the Food and Drug Administration suppresses natural cures for cancer […]

EDIT: Education for all

The University System of Maryland is holding a pilot program in which students would not have to pay for textbooks. By having students use free “open-source textbooks” that are put together by their professors, this program would save an estimated 1,000 students more than a combined $130,000. This is an example of a program that […]