Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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LETTER: Response to suspects’ arrests

Dear President Brown, the Boston University Police Department and the Brookline Police Department, Thank you all for your hard work to keep Boston University safe. The past few weeks have been anxiety provoking for us all, and I very much appreciate the steps the university and the police departments have taken to return us back […]

LETTER: Response to hockey task force

To the Editor: Recent Boston Globe articles about the findings of BU’s hockey team task force revealed serious problems within BU’s administration and student body. My freshman year at BU was atypical of what one would expect at a large, party-oriented school. I avoided parties at all costs and went home on weekends to escape […]

LETTER: On Vegetarianism

To the Editor: If you’re like most people, you agree that animal cruelty is wrong. However, few people understand how profoundly animals suffer in our modern food system. A few years ago, I decided to research how the animals we eat are treated. What I found deeply disturbed me — animals are regarded simply as […]

LETTER: Opposed to Marciano Commons

When the Pan Am building rose like a massive tombstone behind New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 1963, it was almost universally reviled. It was the largest commercial office building in the world, and it had been built, according to its detractors, seemingly without consideration of architectural merit, social policy or human needs. The most […]


To Whom It May Concern:   It is essential for American and for global security at large to continue to sanction Iran’s nuclear regime. While renewed international talks to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear capability have furthered this objective, our national security is best bolstered by fully enforcing the sanctions authorized by Congress. Our […]