Letters to Editor

PERSPECTIVE: A critique of the Tea Party

The Boston Tea Party of 1773 was an act of that became a symbol for the American colonies. Tired of being taxed without representation, it provided the spark needed for colonists to unite under one banner and fight the British for their right to independence. A new cohort of people came together to fight against a similar oppression 237 years later &- the Tea Party.

PERSPECTIVE: BU LipDub too booze-heavy

Hey Boston University: Did you see it? I sure did. On April 9, in light of tiredness, stress and frustration due to finals, Dean of Students Kenneth Elmore hired our very own dear mascot, Rhett, to cheer up the university. And what did Rhett do? He said let there be party and booze.

LETTER: Getting out the Union vote

Tonight at 7 p.m. in the George Sherman Union Backcourt, the candidates for Student Union Executive Board for the 2010-11 school year will vie for your vote. I urge you to attend so that you can make wise decisions on April 19 at the electronic ballot. The next Student Union Executive Board’s voice will be a representation of your voice on campus.

LETTER: Renew BU worth support

I read The Daily Free Press opinion page for the first time in a while yesterday and I was reminded why I do not ever bother to check it out (“Out with old, in with useless,” April 12, p. 6). The editorial states that both slates running for Student Union office do not “[have] any clue what concerns this university’s student body.” The piece goes on to say&-in so many words&-that violent riots are the only way that students’ demands can be met by the administration.

LETTER: The Church’s repentance

As a Catholic Boston resident and an active member of the Boston University Catholic Center, I […]

PERSPECTIVE: Free riders hurt MBTA

There is a word in the lexicon of public transportation that nearly everyone understands but very few actually know: farebox recovery ratio. This number is calculated by taking the amount of money received by the several mass transit services (buses, trains, subways, etc.) and divided by the actual cost it takes to run the system.

PERSPECTIVE: Hiding from hook-ups

By now, many freshmen have moved on from their old Ashford Street frolicking ways and have graduated to going to parties where they actually know the host. And if they plan to survive the next three years with at least some dignity in tact, they are being a little bit more discerning about whose throat they decide to stick their tongue down on a Friday night.

PERSPECTIVE: Grisly scenes

Key West, March 9. I am awake before my eyes open. Slowly I lift one eyelid and scan the room for signs of a new depravity, ones I have not already come to terms with. There on the wall: someone has stripped the labels off a dozen or so beer bottles and stuck them up in a queer pattern. I study the casual geometry for a moment, but quickly disregard it, feeling too strongly that whoever assembled this wants exactly the kind of confused analysis that I am about to give to it. Of course it means nothing.

LETTER: Apartheid in Israel

If you want to learn a thing or two about apartheid, the first place to look, surely, is South Africa. It was there, after all, that a white South African Government adopted a policy of institutionalized segregation, eventually drawing widespread international condemnation, divestment and boycott before ultimately inducing the downfall of their regime. South Africans lived, breathed and otherwise experienced apartheid, day in and day out, for almost 50 years. It is for this reason that we should not take lightly the words of their leaders in regards to that term.

PERSPECTIVE: Learning to live one day at a time

As a second-semester senior, completing job applications, resumés and cover letters often consumes my nights. During the day, I stress about receiving a call about interviews as well as having to complete my day-to-day work. Needless to say, I could taste escape as spring break approached.