Letters to Editor

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Meatless Mondays

The BU Sustainability organization is referred to by many activists on campus as being the “reusable mug movement.” Instead of focusing on institutional changes that could make a substantial impact (such as turning off all the lights in buildings after 9 p.m. or working toward funding renewable energy sources physically on campus), BU Sustainability uses green-washing as their ultimate solution. […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Changing the headlines

Boston University reeks of scandal. For the past several months, students have been watching as story after inflammatory story hits the news. And I’m tired of it. Let’s get our act together, and let’s do this for our own sake. As a campus, let’s make a pact to do a little better. Our academics are competitive and our individual schools […]


Dear Terriers, As the chairperson of the Student Elections, I would like to address any controversy surrounding the Commission and the upcoming undergraduate student government elections.  It is always the intention of the SEC to provide interesting (at least that’s taken care of!) and informative campaign periods with high levels of discourse and activism.  It has come to our attention […]

Letter to the Editor: IFC Response to Daily Free Press April Fools’ Issue

Dear Editor: On behalf of the Greek community at Boston University, let me be clear: The Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC) and the nine recognized social fraternities we represent do not tolerate, condone, or participate in any form of sexual violence, assault, harassment or misconduct. Yesterday’s “April Fools’ Edition” of The Daily Free Press was 100 percent fictitious, and while meant solely […]

GUEST PERSPECTIVE: The beautiful game

This posting has nothing to do with the aesthetic elements of the sport. I don’t care if you think soccer players are the toughest players in the world (which I can argue, but on a different day), or if you consider them “sissies and gays.” Soccer is so much bigger than just a mere sport. It is so much more […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Experience in Palestine

I’ve been in Palestine for almost a month now. I have been all over the West Bank. To Ramallah, Nablus, and Hebron. To the villages of Ni’lin, Kufr Quddum, Burin, A’qabah and others. And everywhere I go, the people have one request: “When you back to your country, tell your friends, your family, your president and the world what is […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Fan support will not fade

This has easily been the most dramatic year off the ice in the history of our hockey program. My personal philosophy has always been that this program is so much bigger than anyone on it, no matter how talented, popular or controversial those players may be. This is the main reason when the 2009 National Championship team did an autograph […]


Each winter, Boston University Students for Israel hosts Israel Peace Week, a full week dedicated to advocating for peace in the Middle East, teaching students about Israel and celebrating Israeli culture.  BU’s Students for Justice in Palestine hosts Israel Apartheid Week the week after Israel Peace Week. To the outside observer, these two weeks present some confusion. Both groups seem […]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Israel Peace Week Re-visited

In response to the Letter to the Editor published on Feb. 20 regarding Israel’s control of water: Israel’s geographic region, including the Palestinian territories, has an average rainfall of 28 inches a year. Compare this to New England’s average rainfall, 60 inches a year. Clearly, the region lacks water. This is a growing problem for Israel, the Palestinians and Jordan. […]


With the passing of every year, Israel Peace Week becomes that much more of a grotesque irony. Two years ago, Students for Israel, the host of this inauspicious event, had to combat the continued international ill-will following Israel’s massacre in Gaza, in which Israeli fighter jets bombed the world’s largest open-air prison camp (thanks to Israel and their loyal ally, […]