Letters to Editor

LETTER: Prop. 8 not the issue here

The liberal and anti-religious sentiments of the editorial board of The Daily Free Press, in ‘One Step Backward’ (Nov. 6, p. 8), remind the world yet again how often people misunderstand the idea of separation of church and state.

LETTER: An open letter to President-elect Obama

Congratulations on your historic victory. Your remarkable achievement has made us all proud to be citizens of our great country.

LETTER: Daily Free Conservativism

I am afraid the Daily Free Press has swung a bit to the right. At my first glance of the front page, I noticed that half of the front page stories were not congratulatory of Barack Obama, but mourning the loss of John McCain. Would it not have been more appropriate to focus on the win, not the loss?

LETTER: ‘Deeply disappointed’

I am deeply disappointed by the Daily Free Press’ coverage of the election, specifically that the stories focused only on Republicans and John McCain supporters who were upset with President-elect Obama’s clear and decisive victory.

LETTER: Wiesel lecture only last for the year

Your fine article on Elie Wiesel’s speech (‘Wiesel week, p. 1′) in the Tuesday, Oct. 28 issue of The Daily Free Press was excellent.’ But there is one glaring mistake.

LETTER: Silber stifled BU

Christopher Santarelli’s column, (‘Silber’s Shadow,’ Oct. 27, p. 6) was interesting, and I agree that President emeritus John Silber should not be vilified as completely evil.

LETTER: StuVi 2 sufficiently green

In yesterday’s editorial ‘Show us the green,’ (Oct. 16, p. 6) The Daily Free Press mentioned […]

LETTER: Show the good with the bad at Agganis

For every Terriers’ home game, I saunter over to Agganis Arena to watch our men’s hockey team take on whoever else happens to be on the ice.

LETTER: Economy article too panicked

I’d like to thank the Daily Free Press for its recent brief on the economy (‘Rush for Student Aid,’ Oct. 10).

LETTER: Abortion not a religious issue

I agree that abortion is an identity issue, but it’s not about the voter’s identity as Catholic or otherwise.