Wednesday, July 23, 2014
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PERSPECTIVE: Grisly scenes

Key West, March 9. I am awake before my eyes open. Slowly I lift one eyelid and scan the room for signs of a new depravity, ones I have not already come to terms with. There on the wall: someone has stripped the labels off a dozen or so beer bottles and stuck them up in a queer pattern. I study the casual geometry for a moment, but quickly disregard it, feeling too strongly that whoever assembled this wants exactly the kind of confused analysis that I am about to give to it. Of course it means nothing.

LETTER: Supportive of terrorism

Though Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Noam Chomsky led an impassioned lecture on Israel Apartheid Week Tuesday (“Chomsky joins Israel “apartheid’ debate,” Wednesday, p. 1) and is a world-renown scholar of linguistics, he neglected to conduct a factually based argument and, instead, manipulated facts and truths.

LETTER: Free Press ‘seduced by rhetoric’

The recent article about Noam Chomsky’s recent on-campus appearance (“Chomsky joins Israel “apartheid’ debate,” Wednesday, p. 1) reflects the extent to which The Daily Free Press has departed from objective journalism and finds itself seduced by anti-Israel rhetoric and those who promote it. Equally troubling is Boston University’s willingness to provide a pulpit to Chomsky, whose hyperbolic characterizations and factual distortions about Israel and “Palestine” are nevertheless deemed gospel by those who blindly submit themselves to the product Chomsky peddles.

LETTER: ASB registration needs overhaul

The Daily Free Press’ stance on the Community Service Center’s Alternative Spring Breaks (“For some, a worthwhile break “alternative,’” Wednesday, p.1; “Making service cool,” Wednesday, p. 6) was extremely narrow-minded and written to make it look like there is nothing wrong with the application process. I cannot even count on two hands how many people, like myself, followed the CSC’s instructions to register online and still were not able to get a spot. This was simply because of the overload on the web server.

LETTER: Chomsky manipulated facts

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor of Linguistics Noam Chomsky used his linguistic capabilities to manipulate the facts and distort the truth at a lecture on Tuesday (“Chomsky joints Israel “apartheid’ debate,” Wednesday, p. 1). Several of his key points demonstrated a disturbing view towards terrorism and terrorist organizations. Chomsky stated that terrorism, especially when perpetrated […]