Sunday, April 20, 2014
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LETTER: Race and gender relevant

As the organizer of the event at Cafe con Leche featuring Boston City Councilor Felix G. Arroyo, I wanted to provide my perspective on what took place at the forum Tuesday (“Councilor Arroyo encourages involvement, activisim at HTC,” March 3, p. 3). The story intimated that the councilor presented that “race and gender are not an impediment anymore” to achieve elected office or, more generally, success in our society.


This week the Boston University community will face a great challenge: Israel “Apartheid” Week. I say challenge, because the organizations running and supporting this activity are engaged in one of the most astounding acts of moral hypocrisy and intellectual dishonesty in the young annals of the 21st century.

LETTER: Seeking quality over quota

If I were to argue that the NBA did not possess a sufficient amount of racial diversity among its players, I would most definitely stand alone. It is common knowledge that in such a competitive professional sport, the rosters reflect the highest skilled players for the job and nothing else.

LETTER: ‘Send Word’ not the problem

The problem isn’t that Send Word Now is being used too often, but rather, that when it is being used, too many text messages, emails and phone calls are being sent.

LETTER: BU should be colorblind

I am somewhat concerned by the recent rash of “diversity”-related articles appearing in The Daily Free Press.