Letters to Editor

LETTER: Israel is acting responsibly

Yesterday’s editorial (‘A Call for Peace,’ Jan. 15) does not seem to focus on discussing peace and avoids many realities on the ground. Since the conclusion of the Six Day War in 1967, Israel has offered numerous opportunities for the Palestinians to exchange land to be used as a country for peace.

LETTER: Israel’s critics unfair

In the course of discussing political events across the globe, it is easy to lose sight of the human element involved in all military and political struggles. Therefore, it is no surprise that in a letter to the Daily Free Press yesterday (‘Israel must end its brutality,’ Jan. 14) Hassan Awaisi ignored the fact that for years, Israelis have lived in fear of rockets ripping apart their homes and causing chaos and death.

LETTER: Israel must end its brutality

Gaza: A recurring nightmare is haunting the inhabitants of this crammed, impoverished strip of land. For too long, the Palestinian people have suffered under the heel of a brutal oppressor that boasts one of the world’s most technologically advanced and well-funded militaries.

LETTER: Hamas also deserves blame

Recently, medical students began circulating a petition to express, as the letter states, their ‘outrage at the brutal Israeli attacks and subsequent humanitarian disaster that is occurring in Gaza.’ This petition maintains that Israel is crushing the nearby Palestinians and causing a human rights crisis.

LETTER: Save the support

I am writing this letter to request that the members of the BU sports marketing department give an apology to two groups of very talented Boston University students: the Boston University Dance Team and the Terrier cheerleaders.

LETTER: Violence not the answer

What an apt title for Christopher Santarelli’s column (‘A City Upon a Hill No More,’ Dec. 1, p. 5). The United States will certainly never claim this Winthropian title again if we pursue the kind of foreign policy Santarelli proposes.

LETTER: Santarelli off the mark

Christopher Santarelli started his column (‘A city upon a hill no more,’ Dec. 1, p.6) by saying how angry he is after the recent Mumbai terrorist attacks.

LETTER: Stealing from whom?

I am somewhat disappointed with today’s perspective. (‘A how-to on scamming the ‘smart’ cart’, Dec. 1, p. 5).’ While your publishing of the perspective doesn’t shock me, I am nonetheless offended by your tacit approval of shoplifting.

LETTER: Radio not outdated

I read with great dismay an article in The Daily Free Press regarding the radio tower on your campus (‘Sign of the times,’ Nov. 24, p.1). The removal of the tower is one thing, but the ignorance of your faculty and students is another.

LETTER: Turner is being persecuted

When I heard that agents of the Bush administration’s Justice Department had arrested Chuck Turner on corruption charges, my gut instinct told me something was very wrong with this picture. Turner has a life-long history of advocacy and self-sacrifice.