Letters to Editor


To the Editor: Israel has launched more than 1,700 strikes on the Gaza strip, an area […]

LETTER: On war

To the Editor: Though it may not be news to its victims, recent scientific research suggests […]

LETTER: Elizabeth Warren is the right choice for Mass.

To the Editor: Last week, I proudly and enthusiastically cast an early vote for Elizabeth Warren. […]

LETTER: PAS revisited

To the Editor: I am writing in regards to Dr. Ashur’s letter published in the Oct. […]

LETTER: On Obama’s presidency

To the Editor: I graduated from Boston University’s College of Communication in 2009. My classmates and […]

LETTER: Scott Brown: An advocate for people, not politics

To the Editor, Scott Brown, an independent voice in the Senate, understands that compromise and reaching […]

LETTER: On energy use at BU and other universities

This year, a movement is launching at Boston University and across the nation. It will be […]

LETTER: On physician-assisted suicide

To the Editor: “I will give no deadly medicine to any one if asked, nor suggest […]

LETTER: On SG coverage

To the Editor: The two articles published on Oct. 16 about the changes made to our […]

LETTER: A journalist’s take on the Cuban Missile Crisis, 50 years later

To the Editor: It was a year of change and contrasts. I was a senior in […]