Letters to Editor

LETTER: Plugging ourselves into the future

“Your car did not pass emissions testing” is something that I hear much too often when […]

LETTER: On the fair and balanced Israel-Palestine Discourse

Boston, a city replete with college students, should, in response, be replete with political discourse. This […]

LETTER: The Sister of Wrestlers

I’m the only girl in my family. My older brothers were both D1 collegiate wrestlers, one […]

SPECIAL LETTER: from the the Womens Basketball team

BU Band, Cheer and Dance, We want to thank you for everything this season! Playing in […]

LETTER: Support your hockey team!

We are writing as long time hockey season ticket holders (over 10 years each) and BU […]

LETTER: Response to “Israel Peace Week” letter

Last week, Kristen Martin accused Israel Peace Week of trying to “distort the human rights violations […]

LETTER: Israel Peace Week

The ironically-termed “Israel Peace Week” will return to campus this week in a further attempt by […]

LETTER: Space Program Initiatives

As a member of the Boston University chapters of the American Institute for Aeronautics and Astronautics […]

LETTER: Response to commentary on Pope’s resignation

 On Feb. 12, an opinion piece entitled, “Retired Pope, Brighter Future” addressed the resignation of His […]

LETTER: The Middle East: An Unstable Region

In recent years the Middle East has gone through multiple transitions, revolutions and upheavals. As the […]