Friday, April 25, 2014
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A book entitled “How to Poo on a Date: The Lover’s Guide to Toilet Etiquitte” won the prize for the year’s oddest book title. We here at the ol’ Free Press were wondering what how-to book people at BU would publish.    SMG: How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying CFA: How To Dance […]

EDIT: Don’t deport our teachers

According to a New York Times article from earlier this month, President Obama is about to reach a significant milestone in his six years of presidency in regards to immigration reform. However, this is not a milestone that represents “champagne-worthy” success, but rather, utter failure. In the next few weeks, the government is likely to […]

RYAN: It’s her choice, not ours

I had the distinct pleasure of walking past Planned Parenthood this week while protesters were in front of it. They were handing out pamphlets and carrying signs. All of this would have been fine, except one of the old white guys yelled after me, “Did you know they kill babies here? 22,000 babies are murdered […]

SHEA: The lost years

We have almost no information about Jesus’ life between his ages of 12 and 30. Some claim he continued with carpentry, while others believe he toured Europe, even making a stop at Glastonbury to play with Oasis. This period of time, one might think, is the most important stage of development in a person’s life, […]

GIESELMANN: Youth culture in China

Once again, I step onto a crowded subway train. The subway door beeps twice as a man hurries on during the last second. The doors close as the man squeezes in, creating a chain reaction that jostles everyone in a five-foot radius. I hold tightly onto the metal bar in an attempt to remain unmoved, […]