Friday, July 25, 2014
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LETTER: Financial aid for international students

Some students might think applying for financial aid is easy because all they need to do is choose a right program and fill out a piece of paper. But this process is certainly much more complicated for international graduate students. Last week, I received an email from COM Director of Student Services Bill Taylor reminding […]

EDIT: On adjunct professors

As students at Boston University, it’s likely that we will be in several classes taught by adjunct professors over our undergraduate career. According to the BU Adjunct Action Fact Sheet, as our undergraduate student fees have risen over the past few years, so has the number of adjunct professors hired within the school. Although we […]

RYAN: Obama on offense

President takes a small step in the right direction on collegiate sexual assault As the semester winds down, I’ve packed up my Communist Manifesto and pictures of Karl Marx. My Femi-Nazi t-shirts are neatly folded next to the condoms I’ve been handing out to middle schoolers and the SPF 100 sunscreen for my white privilege. However, amid […]


A shirtless man holding a dog asked out a reporter during a live wildfire report outside of Los Angeles. We here at the ol’ Free Press wanted to know when would be the most inapproporate time to ask out people at BU.   CGS: During their Capstone oral presentation SHA: While their soufflet falls SMG: […]

SHEA: With a sigh

The impeding date of graduation makes me feel as if I’m being led on stage for an unprepared yet complicated performance. I’m just not ready. It’s not that I have a bleak or unknown future ahead of me: I have been accepted to multiple graduate programs and have the privilege of continuing to do what […]