Saturday, April 19, 2014
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HOFBERG: Valentine’s Day

Every year it’s the day that I not only eat my weight in chocolate that I buy for myself, but also one that I’m left to ponder why I don’t ever have a Valentine of my own to shower me with flowers, love letters and heart-shaped candies. Twenty-five years of being single and I still […]

LETTER: On Robin Thicke at Agganis

Dear Boston University Administration, On Tuesday, March 4, Robin Thicke will be performing on Boston University’s campus at Agganis Arena. Such a popular artist is certain to accrue a lot of publicity for BU, which is likely an enormous economic incentive. However, Thicke’s current celebrity status is not due only to the buzz surrounding his […]

EDIT: Helio-eccentrics?

On Feb. 14, most of the population was focused on Valentine’s Day, but many did not realize that it was Galileo Galilei’s 450th birthday. Lauded as the father of modern astronomy, he was the champion of heliocentrism; namely, that the Earth and other planets all revolve around the Sun. In the modern day, many of […]

EDIT: Fighting back

“The Day We Fight Back” is an online campaign that launched day in pursuit of ending mass government surveillance by the National Security Agency on the Internet. This campaign was created not only to protest mass spying by the NSA, but also to honor the deceased Aaron Swartz and the anniversary of the Stop Online […]

RYAN: From Russia, with (same) love

Last Friday, I opened up Chrome to find the Google logo all decked out for the Olympic opening ceremonies. However, rather than the typical Google color scheme, the designers had chosen a rainbow palette. In case this wasn’t obvious enough for the average Google user, the quotation from the Olympic Charter on the bottom of […]