Friday, April 25, 2014
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STAFF EDIT: A-pathetic

If the student turnout for Monday evening’s City Councilor-At-Large forum in the College of General Studies is any indication of student voter turnout in the early November municipal elections, nearly one-third of Boston’s residents won’t be heard.

STAFF EDIT: A cautionary fail

A recently discovered cache of the names and Boston University identification numbers of over 2,000 students who signed the online version of a petition aiming to prevent the revision of the print quota raises questions of where to draw the line between administrative responsibility and student responsibility regarding privacy.

BERICK: On the rocks

Sunday night, generally a sobering time, is perhaps the only night of the week when my roommates all drink tea, needing whatever peace the East can offer and whatever blind optimism the British can instill. I sat down in my kitchen with a friend whose stiffest drink has been tea for exactly 14 days now.


The Oct. 21 article about Boston University Academy (‘Staying at BU a ‘stigma,’ Academy students say’) was given a negative spin that some of those quoted (including me) found both surprising and unjustifiably negative.

Cougar tales

For those of you who have found yourself ex-iled from a relationship, beware of the cougar within. Rather recently, the two-year relationship I had with my boyfriend came to halt.