Thursday, July 31, 2014
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I was interested to see your Nov. 2 piece on the Marsh Chapel Haunted House. However, I was extremely disappointed that it was used to once again paint fraternities in a negative light.


With the close of the 2009 Boston mayoral election fast approaching, an entire city that has heretofore been divided on matters ranging from the Boston University Biosafety Level-4 laboratory to the ‘No More Than Four’ legislation to term limits now has to come together over one universally desired cause: progress.

STAFF EDIT: Blinded by science?

Last week’s unexplained error in the Boston University Medical center’s Biosafety Level-2 lab left a graduate student ill with a bacterial infection, and onlookers sick with worry.

DONNELLY: Surefire signs of the college cynic in you!

It wasn’t until my late teens that I first questioned the magic of Filene’s Enchanted Village. Childhood ignorance made it perfectly plausible that a parka-sporting rabbit could erupt from the hot juice of a trashcan’s innards and belt out Christmas carols.

The walk of fame

Enough attention has been given to the scandal of the slutty Halloween costumes sported on the T and streets of Allston. So rather than dwelling on this exhausted issue, I prefer to give the non-slutty costume wearers a taste of the limelight.