Friday, August 1, 2014
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STAFF EDIT: Dead links

There are many ways to memorialize the death of a friend or loved one, some traditional, some unorthodox.

MAOUYO: From quill-point, with love

For me, there’s something incredibly unnerving about my parents coming to visit, which they did last weekend. Of course, they’d never really visited me before, and I’d never encouraged it.

KIRLAND: Come as you aren’t

So we’re halfway between my Gatsby birthday party last weekend and Halloween coming up this weekend and I’m beginning to wonder- why isn’t every party themed? A theme adds some sort of intangible, beautiful quality to every party.

STAFF EDIT: A-pathetic

If the student turnout for Monday evening’s City Councilor-At-Large forum in the College of General Studies is any indication of student voter turnout in the early November municipal elections, nearly one-third of Boston’s residents won’t be heard.

STAFF EDIT: A cautionary fail

A recently discovered cache of the names and Boston University identification numbers of over 2,000 students who signed the online version of a petition aiming to prevent the revision of the print quota raises questions of where to draw the line between administrative responsibility and student responsibility regarding privacy.