Friday, April 18, 2014
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STAFF EDIT: Moving on, moving out

An ongoing question for Boston’s city administrators that has also become a topic for the 2009 mayoral elections is how to keep graduating college students in the city after their educational careers expire.

STAFF EDIT: Protection plan

A rising trend in crimes stemming from the annals of social networking sites adds a new layer of worry college-aged users who once associated Internet haunts like Twitter and Facebook with simple pleasantries like last weeks’ party photos and new friends from class.

STAFF EDIT: Hard to swallow

‘ It’s no great claim that the widespread obesity in this country, and its related complications, are all either directly or indirectly related to the characteristically unhealthy eating habits among Americans.

BERICK: Study abroad

Boarding the T at Harvard and Commonwealth Avenue, I am often tempted to turn around and wave goodbye to my Mom. It’s not that I ever caught the school bus this way ‘- I walked or was driven after my parents made me their version of the American breakfast, whole wheat waffles and soy sausages.


With the health care reform debate that is going on, and with all the focus on saving energy and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, and with obesity on the rise as one of the major health risks, I think it is time that we pay more attention to the way we exercise.