Thursday, April 24, 2014
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MAOUYO: Livin’ la vida Boy Scout

There aren’t many activities that I can say I’ve spent a majority of my life doing. Outside of breathing, eating, walking, sleeping and all the other activities that almost everyone does from an early age, I doubt that many people have more than a handful of hobbies that they’ve not necessarily dedicated themselves to.

KIRLAND: Dating theory

Recently, my roommates and I debated the reasons girls are attracted to guys. One of my roommates argued that the only things girls are attracted to in a guy are power, money and status. Needless to say, I started to cry a little during his brilliant dissertation.

STAFF EDIT: Let’s not talk about sex

After Tufts University announced its unique new ResLife policy prohibiting any sexual act to occur in a dorm room while another roommate is present, skeptics wonder about whether it is an appropriate position for dormitory administrators to take.

STAFF EDIT: Dread bugs

‘ Students living in the opulent condominium-style residences in Boston University’s newest dormitory may have been shocked to find out about a few minor bedbug outbreaks just before the beginning of the semester in StuVi.

BERICK: Of mice and women

His name was Louisa Brigitta and he was a mouse. To give a male Indian mouse a combination of female Austrian names seemed, as a study abroad student, reassuringly ironic.