Wednesday, April 16, 2014
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A Call for change

After 16 years of Mayor Thomas Menino, Boston hangs at a standstill in terms of progress. A city once rooted in a history of tradition, it transforms more and more every year as colleges grow and diversity flourishes.

BERICK: September psychosis

For some of us, it is a tick that never goes away. But for most,?it’s first month dementia and it strikes annually and without discretion or grace, like a tropical hurricane, or puberty. It is that constant uncertainty that induces every student at Boston University to become nervous, paranoid and completely unpredictable.


Is there such a thing as cell phone etiquette? While it’s almost definite that ‘When Not to Text’ won’t be a successor of TLC’s ‘What Not to Wear,’ the use of cell phones among college-aged people and younger has been the topic of radio broadcasts, talk shows and magazine and newspaper articles.


‘ I was both pleased and troubled by your recent articles regarding the quarantining of students with possible Swine Flu in Danielsen Hall. I am glad that The Daily Free Press has investigated the issue and brought it into the public eye; but as a resident of Danielsen Hall and a student in this university, I must take issue with the university’s policy.

STAFF EDIT: Lost in isolation

When Ian Koneigsknef was diagnosed with a probable case of H1N1 and urged to leave behind his room in Myles Standish Hall in order to ride out his illness in quarantine on the second floor of Danielsen Hall, his story corroborated Thursday’s Daily Free Press article regarding the mysterious activity.