Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Shipping up to Bah-ston

The Hyatt’s lights are a sort of aquamarine color tonight, the sort of aquamarine that makes a man question why he’d use the word aquamarine instead of just saying green. Maybe it’s because I’m in college now: I’m an intellectual now.

STAFF EDIT: Full house

Just days after Boston University’s Student Village II garnered extensive media attention for its unprecedented amenities in a university dormitory, BU residents have yet to consider more housing news.

STAFF EDIT: Whine flu

As universities around the nation ready themselves for a possible rise in H1N1 virus outbreaks on campus, members of college communities must make the contentious decision of where to draw the line between preparedness and panic.

Growing up is hard to do

I’m not going to lie ‘- the first week of classes was rough. Like sandpaper, or your boyfriend’s ironic facial hair. Even before the first syllabus landed on my desk, I could feel the neurons in my brain spontaneously combusting. I was as nervous as a freshman again.

STAFF EDIT: A healthy compromise

As President Barack Obama’s Wednesday speech on restructuring health care approaches, Americans wait in uneasy anticipation to hear his most definite plans yet regarding the reform. Since the beginning of his campaign,