Sunday, April 20, 2014
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STAFF EDIT: Meager turnout for Union

Vision for BU may have been celebrating following their victory on Friday, but the fact that only about 1,500 students voted in the election is nothing to celebrate. The low turnout comes as no surprise. In an election with no other official candidates, voter turnout is expected to be lower than if a real competition was at stake, but to have fewer than one out of 10 students vote to decide who will represent the student body is simply shameful.

STAFF EDIT: Keep students in the loop

Whether Boston University students living in Warren Towers were getting ready to make the most of the few weekends that remain this semester, or they were preparing for a long night of studying, most ended up on Commonwealth Avenue, and some were trapped in elevators on Saturday night.

STAFF EDIT: Markoff write-offs

After a nationwide, weeklong media blitz of coverage of the Philip Markoff case, Boston University students and news media alike are abuzz with speculation. While among the newsrooms, information can’t be traded fast enough, the resounding silence from campus administration at both BU medical and Charles River campuses is inconsistent with the university’s responsibility to inform students and affiliates of the serious events, like this one, that affect every member of the community.


As if you didn’t already know, the 113th Boston Marathon took place Monday and inspired us here at the ‘ol Free Press to make our own roster of those we think would make excellent candidates for next year’s race. On your marks, get set, go!

MOOK: Bike safety

Over the course of the semester, I’ve tried to cover the eclectic diversity of bicycle-related issues, from cycling history to my own two-wheeled predictions to new bike laws and beyond, but there’s one issue I’ve yet to touch that brings the entire community together ‘- and that’s the issue of bicycle safety.