Thursday, April 24, 2014
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LETTER: FreeP’s standards questioned

My name is Taylor Aldredge. I am a Student Admissions Representative for the Boston University Admissions Reception Center and a journalism major in the College of Communication.

STAFF EDIT: Hiding the press

After not being able to get the story straight about why copies of The Daily Free Press that feature stories on the alleged ‘Craigslist killer,’ suspended second year Boston University School of Medicine Philip Markoff, have not been displayed in the Admissions Reception Center, the truth is finally revealed: this is no isolated incident.

STAFF EDIT: Preventing the swine flu

President Barack Obama has told Americans not to panic over swine flu, but not panicking doesn’t mean sit on your hands and hope that swine flu doesn’t get any worse. Thus far, Boston University officials have taken the appropriate measures to protect the BU community at home and abroad.

SHANFIELD: BU is the real deal

In middle school, we are introduced to the idea of a person being ‘fake.’ The summer between elementary school and middle school causes some people to mysteriously change ‘- either grow boobs or obtain a deeper voice ‘- and thus receive the label of being ‘fake.’

SZAFRANSKI: A call for innovation

I was waiting a table at a restaurant on the Boston University campus, and there was a family whose son was deciding where he wanted to go to college. BU was among the colleges that had admitted him.