Monday, April 21, 2014
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Driving the Lane: Leave Clowney Alone

I know I’m in the minority on this one, but I actually like Skip Bayless. First off, he has the enemy-of-my-enemy thing going for him because I absolutely despise Stephen A. Smith. Secondly, he’s always loved Tom Brady, which is the easiest way to get to my heart. But even more importantly, I genuinely agree […]

Foul Shots: I’m a Believer

My dad is a huge hockey fan. He was born and raised just outside of Chicago, and he’s been a Chicago Blackhawks fan since he was a kid. When the Blackhawks are on TV (pretty often nowadays), I can hear him shouting when they score. But the sport just has never appealed to me. When […]

Foul Shots: Bring it Back

It’s a Saturday morning in the fall. I roll out of bed, grab something to eat and meet some friends near Nickerson Field. I toss a football around, and maybe grill up some hamburgers and hot dogs outside the gate. The team might not be great, but we all still want to go to the games, right? […]

Driving the Lane: Get Rid of Bo

Bo Pelini should be fired. In fact, he should already have been fired. On Sept. 16, audio was released of the University of Nebraska head coach insulting the team’s fans for leaving early after a huge comeback win over rival Ohio State University in 2011. Saying “F you” to the fans is pretty much the […]

Foul Shots: Basketball Fever

We’re getting closer to the start of the greatest winter sport there is. No, all you New Englanders, not hockey. Basketball. College basketball, specifically. If you’re a big hockey fan, you might think that a good, hard check amidst a 2-1 victory is the essence of exciting sport. But I disagree. I’d rather see fast-paced, […]