Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Driving The Lane: Faulted System

You have definitely heard it before: “Why doesn’t college football implement a tournament like March Madness? College basketball does it, right?” It seems as though everyone feels this way. This way of thinking is completely backwards. March Madness is a terrible thing for college basketball. Don’t think I am saying that I am satisfied with […]

The Inner Edge: Fallen podium

Anyone who has flipped on ESPN or tuned-in to sports radio in the past week has surely been bombarded with the name Manti Te’o and his newfound “girlfriend” controversy. Even though Te’o has been hogging ESPN’s spotlight for what seems to be 24/7 since the story was released, everyone is still thinking, “Thank God something […]

Too Extreme

Athletes are special people, not because of how they play the game but for what they do. They have the guts to go out on the playing field, fail in front of everyone and risk failing again on the very next play. The ability to pick themselves up, dust themselves off and go out there […]

The Empty Net: Bowl cut

An old friend of mine contacted me recently to see if I wanted to compete with him and a few other comrades in ESPN’s “College Bowl Mania”. Admittedly, “Bowl Season” does not excite me at all — it’s a watered-down mess of teams I could care less about — but I accepted the offer, as […]

Tuesday’s Take: Heisman Mistake

So, I made a mistake. That’s refreshing to hear from a sports columnist in this town, isn’t it? It was in the Nov. 13 issue of The Daily Free Press, while assessing the Heisman candidates that I wrote: “Let me tell you, it’s a little bit soon to be calling Johnny Manziel anything other than […]