Thursday, April 17, 2014
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Fish and Chipps: A letter to Mr. Wiggins

Dear Mr. Wiggins, A wise man once said to me, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Let me begin by saying I am a huge admirer of your work on the court. You can flat out ball and I have sincerely enjoyed watching you play in the collegiate ranks this season. It is undeniable that […]

Foul Shots: The ballad of Marcus Smart

It’s tough to find a high-profile college basketball player that wants to stay in school more than the single season mandated by former NBA commissioner David Stern. Nowadays, the so-called “diaper dandies” tend to leave after one glorious freshman year, choosing the fame and riches of the NBA over books, dorm rooms and subpar campus […]

The Blue Line: BU lacks defense

The Boston University men’s hockey team this year is … well, lacking something. And by something, I mean defense. BU’s defense is dreadful. They allow a contemptible 3.40 goals per game. In fact, the player leading BU’s plus-minus ranking is freshman forward Brendan Collier, at plus-1. That’s right, the Terriers have just one player with […]

Fish and Chipps: Why I choose sports journalism

Journalism. What is it really? A stupid question, one might say, but in today’s world where everyone with an iPhone proclaims themselves as the next Bob Woodward or Carl Bernstein, it’s fair to present you with this question. For years, friends and family have asked me why I have decided to pursue a career that […]

Foul Shots: Michael Sam: The pioneer

There has never been an active gay football player in the NFL. Several players have come out after leaving the league, including Ray McDonald and Wade Davis. In other words, there’s never been a great, or even really good, NFL player who has publicly come out as being gay. Why is that? The answer is […]