INTERVIEW: Elizabeth Banks channels Scorsese classic in ‘Walk of Shame’

Despite its title, Elizabeth Banks says that her new movie, Walk of Shame, isn’t really about feeling shameful after a one night stand. Instead, it’s about a “woman at a crisis point who feels like she’s lost control over her life.” In the film, Banks plays Meghan Miles, a reporter living in Los Angeles who is on the verge of […]

IFFBoston takes indies back with in-depth character sketches

IFFBoston takes indies back with in-depth character sketches

It doesn’t quite seem right to call Independent Film Festival Boston (IFFBoston) an “up-and-comer” or an “underdog” in the realm of independent film festivals. Sure, it has to contend with the likes of Sundance and Tribeca in terms of international attention. But since its first run in 2003, the festival has come to attract north of 23,000 attendees each year, […]

It’s a dog’s life: The Daily Free Press peers inside the masked world of BU’s favorite dancing dog

The first one to skate in Agganis Arena before a hockey game, he strides in with an exuberant confidence and energy that radiates to the cheering fans in the stands. As the game begins, 6-foot-3 Rhett the Terrier weaves through the crowd, inspiring the loyal audience to showcase their spirit. “Rhett’s job is to encourage the crowd to be more […]

Cancer’s (not) smoking gun: BU, UCLA researchers say e-cigs still unsafe

Electronic cigarettes operate based on what seems to be a simple assumption: Tobacco products can cause serious health problems, so removing the tobacco and leaving the nicotine must be safer. However, according to an ongoing study between researchers at Boston University and University of California-Los Angeles, the answer may not be this simple and straightforward. In fact, their research indicates […]

Turn off the tube: Researchers at Mass. General, Harvard School of Public Health say more TV leads to less sleep for children

Turn off the tube: Researchers at Mass. General, Harvard School of Public Health say more TV leads to less sleep for children

“Turn off the TV!” We’ve all heard this classic parental command, and we’ve all been annoyed as children. However, a new study published in the May issue of Pediatrics shows that it is indeed important to turn the tube off from time to time for your health. Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital and the Harvard School of Public Health have found that […]

Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics

Addicted to Profits: Insurance companies adjust coverage of methadone clinics

With lives at stake, methadone clinics play an integral role in treating opiate addicts. However, the actions of city and state government, insurance companies and private equity firms may impose financial difficulties on patients seeking opiate addiction treatment. Last month, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick declared opiate abuse a public health emergency in Massachusetts, citing potent painkillers as gateway drugs for […]

Caravan Palace sends Paradise electroswinging

The mood at the Paradise Rock Club, or any other venue like it for that matter, isn’t usually very electrifying. Very few people will dance and what little dancing that does occur will likely be of the vertical variety, only occasionally accompanied by nodding heads and pumping fists. Such was not the case when Caravan Palace visited the Paradise at […]

‘Transcendence’ fails to travel into creativity

“The internet was supposed to make the world a smaller place, but it actually feels smaller without it.” Max Waters wanders around the overgrown slums of Berkeley, Calif., sentimentally peering in windows and faintly smiling, hands in pockets, at how positively different everything is now that technology, for whatever reason, no longer exists. Cracked BlackBerrys lay scattered about the streets. […]

Black Lips bring patented punk rock antics to Paradise

If there is one word to describe the Black Lips, it has to be “weird.” And when I say that, I don’t mean pseudo-hipster, beanie- and flannel-wearing weird. I mean straight-up drooling, wildly gesticulating, out-of-tune-yet-somehow-working weird. When the kings of quirk took the stage at Paradise Rock Club Saturday evening, there was already the expectation that it would be an odd evening. […]

‘Cuban Fury’ missing spice, Nick Frost doesn’t disappoint

When conjuring up the image of a salsa dancer, a pale, overweight British man is the least likely candidate to come to mind. Yet Nick Frost is out to change all of that with his newest starring vehicle, Cuban Fury, which — despite its lackluster script and cases of poor character development — hip shakes and quick steps into the heart […]