Boston-based photographer Erica Frisk’s trip to Guatemala served as inspiration for her exhibit “To My Mother Who Used to Tell Me Stories,” on display at the Multicultural Arts Center in Cambridge now through Apr. 1. PHOTO COURTESY ERICA FRISK

INTERVIEW: Erica Frisk highlights Guatemalan women through photography

Though photography is sometimes viewed as a commercial medium, the task — or rather, art — of taking a picture can be used as a tool for storytelling. One such artist, Boston-based photographer Erica Frisk, does exactly that through her images of female weavers from Santiago Zamora, a rural town outside of Antigua, Guatemala. Her exhibition, entitled “To My Mother […]

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Students ages 12 to 21 from the Greater Boston area perform in the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra lead by conductor and founder Benjamin Zander. PHOTO COURTESY BOSTON PHILHARMONIC YOUTH ORCHESTRA

Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra thrives under Benjamin Zander’s leadership

Boston Symphony Hall can seat more than 2,600 people and Friday, the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra will fill it for the second time. The first was last November, when the Free for All Concert Fund offered to fund a concert and give tickets away for free. Hundreds of people who had never had the opportunity to see the inside of […]

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Nine BU students volunteer for MEDIAGIRLS, an organization that aims to empower girls in the Greater Boston area by educating them about their media consumption. PHOTO COURTESY MEDIA GIRLS

MEDIAGIRLS changing way Boston’s young girls perceive media

The average teenage girl consumes between eight and 10 hours of media each day, according to the MEDIAGIRLS website. Numerous studies have linked greater media consumption with increased body dissatisfaction and disordered eating, and girls ages five to 18 are the most likely victims. MEDIAGIRLS aims to change the way young girls relate to the media they consume. By equipping […]

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Despite international panic about the spread of the Zika virus, Anita Barry, director of the Infectious Disease Bureau at the Boston Public Health Commission, said she believes Boston won’t “see much local transmission.” PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA

Zika virus continues to spread, reported in Boston

The World Health Organization announced Thursday that the Zika virus is “spreading explosively” throughout the Americas and could potentially affect about four million people by the end of the year. Reaching the Internet, television and newspapers, the news of the Zika virus seems as far-reaching as the disease itself. Many in Boston are now increasingly worried of the virus spreading […]

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Boston-based rock-pop trio halfsour released the group's fourth digital album,“Tuesday Night Live,” Friday. PHOTO COURTESY HALFSOUR

REVIEW: Halfsour’s “Tuesday Night Live” is completely sweet

Ian Gustafson, Matthew Mara and Zoë Wyner make up the trio halfsour, a Boston-based band that just released its fourth digital album, entitled “Tuesday Night Live,” Friday. Though the band’s members have certainly made their appearance on the music scene via past releases, their sound as well as their career in the industry itself is fairly new. On its Bandcamp […]

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Western Massachusetts-based electronic-pop trio Wet released its debut full-length album, “Don’t You,” Friday. PHOTO COURTESY MILAN ZRNIC

REVIEW: Wet takes listeners on emotional journey with “Don’t You”

Any artist can tell you that a good piece of work takes advantage of both its positive and negative space. Wet’s lead singer, Kelly Zutrau, has done this with the group’s debut album, “Don’t You,” as she takes us through a journey of love, loss and reflection. The inspiration of ‘90s rhythm and blues and lush-pop in Wet’s music is […]

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Attendees enjoy local treats at the 8th Annual Chocolate Festival on Brattle Plaza in Harvard Square Saturday afternoon. PHOTO BY JOHNNY LIU/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

Free chocolate in Harvard Square sweetens the weekend

The Harvard Square Business Association went all out in chocolate and free samples, setting the stage for a charming pre-Valentine’s Day celebration. For three days, Harvard Square restaurants took part in the 8th Annual Chocolate Festival, dedicating the weekend to chocolate, featuring chocolate appetizers, entrees, desserts, cocktails, cordials and nightcaps. The main event of the celebration, however, was the free […]

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Australian singer-songwriter Sia released her seventh album, "This is Acting," Friday. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA

REVIEW: Sia’s determination prevails in “This is Acting”

To say that Sia has undergone a lot of musical changes in her career would be an understatement. Before hits like “Chandelier” and “Elastic Heart,” Sia was mostly overlooked, doing vocals for a few different bands and releasing a couple of small hits. The explanation behind Sia’s latest album, “This Is Acting,” is that the majority of the songs were […]

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Ray Sybert played by Casey Affleck and the crew of the SS Pendleton struggle to keep their ship from sinking in Disney's "The Finest Hours," the heroic action-thriller based on the extraordinary true story of the most daring rescue in the history of the Coast Guard. PHOTO COURTESY WALT DISNEY PICTURES

INTERVIEW: Casey Affleck and Chris Pine on making heroic splash in “The Finest Hours”

A typical rescue mission film consists of a few key elements: a damsel in distress, the valiant rescuer, a beautifully scraggly crew of supporting characters and, often times, a dash of truth. Craig Gillespie’s “The Finest Hours” follows this formula, all while turning it on its head. The distressed figure appears in the form of Casey Affleck’s Ray Sybert, an […]

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“The Finest Hours” tells the true story of the Coast Guard's attempt to rescue the crew of the destroyed SS Pendleton, which was stranded off the coast of Cape Cod in 1952. PHOTO COURTESY WALT DISNEY PICTURES

REVIEW: “The Finest Hours” barely stays afloat in sea of mediocrity

The problem with disaster movies nowadays is that they attempt to turn a major cataclysm of some sort into a character-driven story, which can, of course, either work toward the movie’s benefit (“Titanic”) or just make the movie much more annoying (“2012,” “San Andreas,” “The War of the Worlds”). Disney’s “The Finest Hours” seems like it had that all covered. […]

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