A man dressed in themed attire recites one of the 154 Shakespeare sonnets aloud in Harvard Square Saturday afternoon at the “Shakespeare Sonnet Slam,” which honored the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. PHOTO BY KANKANIT WIRIYASAJJA/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

“Sonnet slam” celebrates 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death

William Shakespeare, renowned playwright and poet, died on April 23, 1616. Four hundred years later, a large crowd gathered Saturday in Harvard Square to read aloud all 154 of Shakespeare’s sonnets in honor of his life and literary legacy. The English playwright’s influence is widespread and has impacted modern culture in more than just his native country, evidenced by the Shakespeare-themed performances […]

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MEDIAGIRLS, a Boston-based nonprofit, will hold a fundraiser at the Brookline Teen Center Saturday afternoon, featuring “Survivor” contestant and BU College of Communication sophomore Julia Sokolowski. PHOTO COURTESY MONTY BRINTON/CBS

MEDIAGIRLS, Julia Sokolowski empower young women, build confidence

As much as our society may seem to love to keep damsels in distress around to remind us of outdated gender roles, organizations like MEDIAGIRLS work to empower and teach young girls about other, more positive types of media representations. In a world with a growing emphasis on a multimedia, MEDIAGIRLS plans to bring positive messages to Brookline Teen Center […]

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Nonprofit organization Binnovative partnered with Boston Children's Museum to host two-day global hackathon, the International Space Apps Challenge, Saturday and Sunday at the Harvard University Graduate School of Design. GRAPHIC BY RACHEL CHMIELINSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

International Space Apps Challenge promotes cross-cultural collaboration

Innovation is the driving force behind the many successes humans have been able to achieve. Therefore, many would say it is imperative that we learn and continue to think outside the box, to be innovators, to continue successfully tackling issues that already exist and may arise in the foreseeable future. During a two-day hackathon Saturday and Sunday at the Harvard […]

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Experts discussed how modern technology may advance to resemble the world of "Doctor Who" at the “Dimensions of Doctor Who” conference Saturday night at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum. GRAPHIC BY RACHEL CHMIELINSKI/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

“Doctor Who” might be more realistic than fictional, researchers suggest

The realities of time travel and the inner workings of the infamous Daleks were revealed Saturday at a conference held at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum. Called “Dimensions of Doctor Who,” the event welcomed 10 scientists who presented their research in a family-friendly and unique way that paralleled the BBC hit television series “Doctor Who.” The discussion was part […]

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DJ Fried Rice, also known as Questrom School of Business freshman Ryan Ng, prepares to spin a set at the Catholic Center Spring Formal Friday night at The Towers. PHOTO BY KELSEY CRONIN/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

INTERVIEW: DJ Fried Rice serves up Boston fan-favorite tunes

DJ Fried Rice started his career by compiling dance mixes for his high school’s dance team. He worked with student production services at school events, but DJ Fried Rice built a name for himself when he was requested to play at gigs in school. But how exactly did DJ Fried Rice, also known as Boston University Questrom School of Business […]

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Creators of the popular podcast "Serial," Julie Snyder and Sarah Koenig, speak at an event hosted by Celebrity Series of Boston Wednesday night at Boston Symphony Hall. PHOTO COURTESY CELEBRITY SERIES OF BOSTON

“Serial” creators Sarah Koenig, Julie Snyder discuss record-breaking success

The mavens behind the Peabody Award-winning WBEZ podcast “Serial” presented to a full house of podcast fans Wednesday night. Hosted by Celebrity Series of Boston, “Binge-worthy Journalism: Backstage with the Creators of SERIAL, Sarah Koenig and Julie Snyder” sold out Boston Symphony Hall to take the audience behind the scenes of the phenomenal creation. “Serial” is the fastest-growing podcast in iTunes […]

“Green Room” stars Patrick Stewart, Brent Werzner, Samuel Summer, Colton Ruscheinsky and Mason Knight pose as their characters in the new thriller. PHOTO COURTESY SCOTT PATRICK GREEN/A24

INTERVIEW: Writer, Director Jeremy Saulnier stresses realism in “Green Room”

“Green Room” is a thriller about a punk rock band held hostage by a band of Nazi skinheads during a concert after they stumble upon something they were not supposed to see. The film is written and directed by indie filmmaker Jeremy Saulnier and stars Patrick Stewart and Anton Yelchin. Saulnier faced an interesting rise to success after he had […]

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James Franco speaks about his new film “The Fixer” at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City this past weekend. PHOTO BY BRONSEN BLOOM/DAILY FREE PRESS STAFF

REVIEW: Tribeca Film Festival celebrates 15 years, showcases best of industry

This year, the Tribeca Film Festival celebrated its 15th anniversary in the lower neighborhood of Manhattan from which its name is derived. TFF has grown exponentially since Robert De Niro, Craig Hatkoff and Jane Rosenthal founded it in 2002 in response to the Sept. 11 attacks. The aim of the festival was to reinvigorate lower Manhattan by celebrating New York […]

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Charlize Theron and Emily Blunt star in the new fantasy adventure movie “The Huntsman: Winter's War,” opening Friday. PHOTO COURTESY UNIVERSAL PICTURES

REVIEW: “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” chills surrounding excitement

2012 was a historic year for film, boasting cinematic achievements of all genres. Among these, the revival of a long-told fairytale peaked blockbuster interest in the form of “Snow White and the Huntsman.” Actress Kristen Stewart abandoned her Twilight roots in favor of this dark retelling of a childhood classic, the center of much controversy at the time. Now, four […]

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Alice (Mia Wasikowska) returns to Underland Friday in Disney's “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” where she travels back in time to save the Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp). PHOTO COURTESY WALT DISNEY PICTURES

INTERVIEW: James Bobin mirrors his vision in “Alice Through the Looking Glass”

Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking-Glass” are a pair of tales as old as time — 151 years old in the case of the former and 145 in the case of the latter, to be exact. James Bobin, director of “Alice Through the Looking Glass,” puts a new spin on the beloved, classic tale by taking […]

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