Thursday, April 24, 2014
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‘Spinning Plates’ serves up complex portrait of American restaurants

Trying to see the big picture is a terrible task to take up on an empty stomach. This is the paradox of Spinning Plates, a documentary whose heart risks coming second to its audience’s appetite. It’s okay if you’re distracted at first. The film, which is the first feature from serial Food Network producer Joseph Levy, […]

Reel Big Fish ‘skanks’ into Royale, leaves crowd in frenzy

Ska concerts are a phenomenon unlike any other. And, because ska is best described as dance-punk with a brass section, it’s no surprise. Nowhere else is there such a strange cross-section of angsty teenagers with middle-aged men who have large and unruly beards. An even stranger phenomenon is the fact that all faces were plastered […]

The Man. The Myth. The Legend: A look back on a decade as Dean of Students

Setting up microphones and fixing lights as an intern in the George Sherman Union, Kenneth Elmore never expected to be sitting in his own office at Boston University 28 years later celebrating 10 years as the Dean of Students. “It’s like so many things in life,” Elmore said. “You start out thinking one thing, and […]

MGH’s new automated anesthetic system, promising for comatose patients

Imagine that it is the week before finals. Think about those long hours cramming in Mugar Memorial Library where your sleep-deprived brain begs for just another jolt of caffeine. Leaving your books and notes behind, you walk to Starbucks and wait patiently as a mess of jumbled numbers and letters clutter your brain. Many people […]

REVIEW: The Fratellis sell out Paradise Rock Club with spunky, garage rock

When The Fratellis took the stage at the Paradise Rock Club Sunday night, it had been five years since they last toured the U.S. The Scottish trio had been on a hiatus since 2009, and to the worried fan, it might seem that they were past the point of once again becoming known as the […]