Nicholas Mirzoeff, professor of media, culture and communication at New York University, delivered a lecture on visual commons of the #BlackLivesMatter movement at the Harvard Art Museums Thursday. PHOTO COURTESY NICHOLAS MIRZOEFF

#BlackLivesMatter lecture urges universal freedom

Racial conversations have historically been present in the United States since the founding of our country, yet they have recently garnered more traction as a result of social media. Specifically, the mantra “Black Lives Matter” was founded after the acquittal of George Zimmerman in 2013 and the death of Michael Brown in August of 2014. The Black Lives Matter coalition […]

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Social media such as Twitter allows for greater public discussion of sexism in science fields. PHOTO ILLUSTRATION BY RACHEL MCLEAN/DFP FILE PHOTO

Twitter a valuable window into stormy discussions of misogyny

The rise of social media has served as a catalyst for many difficult conversations, especially those regarding social behaviors. The science journal Nature released a feature Wednesday that focused on the impact of “Twitterstorms,” spotlighting gender issues within one of the most male-dominated fields — science. Lauren Morello, who authored the piece, analyzed the impact of Twitter on scientific fields, […]

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Carey Mulligan stars as Maud Watts in "Suffragette," released Oct. 23. PHOTO COURTESY FOCUS FEATURES

INTERVIEW: Carey Mulligan on portraying courageous Maud Watts in “Suffragette”

Carey Mulligan’s dynamic role of Maud Watts, a laundress-turned-suffragette who plummets into the rawness and harshness of the women’s suffrage movement in early 20th-century England, in the recent film “Suffragette” put a unique kind of pressure on the actress. Mulligan was tasked with embodying the courage and conviction of the selfless working-class woman who had reached a tipping point in […]

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John Mulaney stars in Netflix stand-up comedy special, "The Comeback Kid." PHOTO COURTESY SAEED ADYANI/NETFLIX

REVIEW: John Mulaney makes triumphant return to screen in “The Comeback Kid”

If you’ve only ever heard of John Mulaney through his short-lived sitcom “Mulaney,” you’re probably not a fan. The comedic wit of Mulaney, previously a writer for “Saturday Night Live” (the one most responsible for the Stefan character) and a stand-up comedian, failed to translate well into the Fox show that left much of his near cult-like following disappointed. That’s […]

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Throughout the month of November, The Atlantic is compiling a list of the "#ActualWorst" characters on television from reader submissions. PHOTO COURTESY THE ATLANTIC

The Atlantic’s pursuit to find worst character on TV encourages cultural interaction

There’s an episode in the seventh season of “The Office” in which Mindy Kaling’s character Kelly Kapoor and the rest of the Dunder Mifflin staff attend a viewing party of “Glee.” Kelly constantly points out flaws in the plot and character development of the show, yet still yells at her coworker for blocking the television set while the episode is […]

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The Institute of Contemporary Art hosted a college night Tuesday. PHOTO COURTESY WIKIMEDIA COMMONS

ICA opens doors to experimental art, imaginative spaces for college students

College students from 18 schools around the Boston area were welcomed to the Institute of Contemporary Art Tuesday for the first ever ICA College Night. As students entered the colorfully lit lobby, they were greeted by the electronic beats of DJ Knife. After showing student IDs and checking in their coats, attendees were free to explore the art galleries and […]

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Mark McGuire’s new album “Beyond Belief” was released Friday. PHOTO COURTESY PETER LARSON

Mark McGuire’s new album reflects on mind in evolving world

Mark McGuire has already accumulated enough work to span a career, and he’s only 28 years old. The Cleveland-born guitarist joined electronic band Emeralds at 18. While mixing and touring with members John Elliott and Steve Hauschildt, McGuire was working on his own music. His first solo album, “Living With Yourself,” was released in 2010. A second, titled “Get Lost,” […]

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Carly Rae Jepsen performed at Paradise Rock Club on Tuesday. PHOTO COURTESY IMAGINE COMMUNICATIONS/FLICKR

REVIEW: Energetic Carly Rae Jepsen proves to be more than just one-hit wonder

Few would’ve thought that in 2012, the year in which Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” took over the radio, the artist would ever produce a practically flawless 15-song album. “Call Me Maybe” seemed like a textbook one-hit wonder. It was too catchy, too perfect to ever be topped. And yet, the Canadian pop singer played a litany of superb […]

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Freddie Steinmark (Finn Wittrock) and Linda Wheeler (Sarah Bolger) star in “My All-American.” PHOTO COURTESY VAN REDIN/CLARIUS ENTERTAINMENT

REVIEW: “My All American” an all-around tame football film

Athletics have existed as entertainment since even before the time of the gladiators. Thankfully, our professional sports are far less barbaric today — though the physical dangers of large-muscled men pummeling each other head first may still seem primitive to some. Sports culture, especially related to football, is undeniably tied to American culture as a whole. The most watched program […]

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Family and Friends will perform at the Paradise Rock Club Friday. PHOTO COURTESY CHELSEA KORNSE

PREVIEW: Family and Friends bring simple, heartfelt tunes to Boston

Boston will be welcoming Family and Friends on Friday as the band continues on their second and longest tour. Family and Friends includes guitarist and vocalist Mike MacDonald, vocalist Casey Harper, percussionists Alejandro Rios and Ryan Houchens, guitarist JP McKenzie, bassist Tuna Fortuna and violist Maria Kindt. After forming in 2013 under the idea of “Good People. Good Music,” these […]

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